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First of all, Happy birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

The Pats vs. the Giants huh? I'll be pulling for the Giants, thank you very much. At least that way, the Boys can say "We lost to the Super Bowl champs".

The Pistons continue to lose to the Bulls, they have 12 losses this year, 3 of them to the Bulls.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How did your team(s) fare over the weekend?
Happy Birthday to the following OS'er!

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/21/08 10:26 AM
QOTD - Pulling for the Giants. But part of me wants to see history. I think I'll be pulling for good commercials
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 01/21/08 11:38 AM

Crappy weekend for me. My Tar Heels went down to the Terps on Saturday. Bobcats got blown out by the Hornets on Friday. Then yesterday, both teams I was pulling for lost.
# 3 nyisles16 @ 01/21/08 12:30 PM
QOTD... I want to see NE lose.. I cannot stand Belicheck (Brady I don't mind so much).. I was happy for my bro-in-law as he is a huge Giants fan.

Tiki must be glad he missed this
# 4 SportsAce @ 01/21/08 03:49 PM
QOTD: UConn upset Marquette.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 01/21/08 03:58 PM
QOTD: Jets fan, but also a NY fan so I'm happy to see the Giants make it to the Super Bowl.
# 6 ndeezlo @ 01/21/08 05:26 PM
Tigers signed Nate to a long term deal, signed Thames for a year.

Pistons, terrible.

Notre Dame, terrible.

NFL=wallet, terrible.
# 7 rock85 @ 01/22/08 12:51 AM
Well as you can tell i am a Giants fan so my weekend was GREAT. Lets go Big Blue. On to Super Bowl 42
# 8 chadskee @ 01/22/08 05:23 PM
Go go wolves! 6th win!

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