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PALGN has posted their preview of FIFA Street 3.
"FIFA Street 3 utilises the NBA Street Homecourt engine and runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, a feat the previous two titles in the series weren't able to do. The game has always been about speed, but this time the game feels fast. The gamebreakers have also been overhauled, for the better. Filling a meter in FIFA Street 3 will result in a gamebreaker, but rather than the gamebreaker literally being what its namesake suggests, gamebreakers aren't the end of the game. It is actually possible to stop players on the offense this time around and even if they score a goal, it counts as one goal, which is a change that is enough to get us excited about the final title. Even though offense has been overhauled, the defensive game seems rather similar. A circular kick and a non aggressive tackle are about all players can do defensively, which is a little disappointing."

Game: FIFA Street 3Reader Score: 5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: NDS / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 4 - View All
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