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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 01/31/08 08:21 AM
Just lookin' forward to the weekend - first one in a quite a while that will be somewhat relaxing.
Almost done with coaching. Our tournament is next week. We snapped a three game losing streak last night by rallying in the 4th quarter from a 9 point deficit. Overall, I think I've enjoyed the experience, but with my pickup basketball starting again, things are a little too busy during the week.

QOTD: Have never owned a PS system and am not planning on it, so I have no interest in Home.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 01/31/08 08:22 AM
Looking forward to Lost tonight.

QOTD: Yes, but not enough to buy a PS3. I may end up getting one for blu-ray.
# 3 Behindshadows @ 01/31/08 09:07 AM
QOTD - Nope! Don't even care for it, just give me games.
# 4 aukevin @ 01/31/08 09:47 AM
QOTD: Sure I'm looking forward to Home. I'm not even sure what all Home is about and will have, but if it remains free, why not look forward to it.
# 5 RockyTop1 @ 01/31/08 10:01 AM
QOTD: Yeah, it interests me and I'm anxious to see how they implement it, but after about 30 minutes, I'll be over it.
# 6 Scott @ 01/31/08 12:33 PM
QOTD: It semi-interests me, I'm just anxious on what it'll be like.
# 7 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 01/31/08 01:54 PM
Lost tonight! yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! So stoked

Im in the school library as my class got cancelled. So nothing like operationsports to keep me occupied

QOTD: Dont have a PS3 and dont plan on buying one for a couple years...
# 8 ZM Punk @ 01/31/08 01:57 PM
Gearing up for lost tonight, but first I have to sit through this meeting I'm currently attending that is going on four plus hours. Then I have to play a YMCA league basketball game. 8 o'clock can't come soon enough.

QOTD- Home isn't all that interesting to me. But The Show might cause me to breakdown and buy a PS3.

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