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Who's the best SG/ SF everyone here has played with? Or even PG? I don't want a marquee player, but I'm looking to trade for someone who's a scorer more than a defender.

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# 1 Uhfan @ 02/06/08 03:13 AM
TJ Ford is ok for a PG. He has good 3 pt range and quick in the open court.
# 2 FluffyTonka @ 02/06/08 03:19 AM
Another Warriors fan? You go to Hawaii?

Yeah, TJ is good ... I used him in 2K7, and he was greatness.
# 3 Jewelz0376 @ 02/06/08 03:33 AM
JR Smith is has like a low 70 rating but playins like he's in the 80s...He's can stroke from 3...and he's can dunk well in the game...he's perfect a perfect player to trade for if you want an instant offense player of the bench that you wont have to give up much to get...plus he's 6'6 too so he's got good size for a guard..
# 4 Uhfan @ 02/06/08 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by FluffyTonka
Another Warriors fan? You go to Hawaii?

Yeah, TJ is good ... I used him in 2K7, and he was greatness.
yep at the UH law school right now. Also I am a huge Warrior fan. There is a couple of us on here, Boltman, that news guy, and a ohio state/UH fan

but i was undergrad at UH

Yeh TJ Ford is fun to play with.
# 5 chance @ 02/06/08 09:40 AM
Gerald Green
# 6 Antwuan @ 02/06/08 10:57 AM
On the Lakers, it was Javaris Crittendon. I used to go all out with him even though he was rated low.
# 7 Bizzy Da Kid @ 02/06/08 12:02 PM
# 8 Stumbleweed @ 02/06/08 12:14 PM
JR Smith, Thabo Sefolosha, Rasual Butler, Shawne Williams (beast!), Aaron Afflalo, Crittendon, Linas Kleiza, Rodney Carney... those guys are all nice.

Okelsiy Pecherov is the deadliest 66-rated player ever. He's 7 feet tall, pretty mobile, and is rated 79 from mids and 80 from deep. I bring him in for 6-8 minutes per game in my league and he normally scores 10 points or so very easily. He doesn't provide much of anything rebounding or defense-wise (except that he's 7 feet tall), but the dude has an easy release and gets on these incredible hot streaks where he just nails everything. Plus, he looks like a heroin addict.
# 9 RobtAndProud @ 02/06/08 12:48 PM
Brent Berry is lights out from 3.
# 10 Boge @ 02/06/08 01:01 PM
Reddick is pretty sweet for me. I do player lock, so he controls himself, but I like him.
# 11 jake44np @ 02/06/08 01:24 PM
Daniel Gibson, if my Cavs season he is lights out.
He just had a game last night for me in which he scored 32 pts.
# 12 gta95 @ 02/06/08 03:44 PM
Rodney Carney. Comes off the bench as my 6th man, and averages 10-15ppg. He can stroke it from 3, drive to the lane, and dunk on anybody.
# 13 dm877 @ 02/07/08 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by chance
Gerald Green
no doubt
# 14 da-great1 @ 02/07/08 12:06 PM
nick young is pretty good. dude is 84 for three and has a wet jumper and can dunk pretty well
# 15 WilliamWilliamson @ 02/07/08 07:40 PM
Josh Childress and John Salmons are both monsters for me.
# 16 oxide @ 02/08/08 02:45 AM
Anybody can be hot if you play with him enough.

I've done magic with McCants, Brewer, Green, Critt, and many others..just take the time.

I mean seriously, you can go for 25pts just driving with a decent handler and layup dude + FT.
# 17 texbuk84 @ 02/08/08 02:47 AM
i like arron brooks hands down. young boy got d and he can shoot plus he's blazing fast.
# 18 escono15 @ 02/08/08 04:43 AM
Kooba Diawara...this guy is in the early early 70's and can play good D against the likes of Kobe.. not bad with the 3 either
# 19 Greecy @ 02/08/08 06:50 AM
Well in my Hornets franchise I have Marcus Banks, he's averaging 10.4 PPG and 5.6 APG a game off the bench behind CP3.
# 20 Instant C1a55ic @ 02/08/08 08:33 AM
Von Wafer of the nuggets. Not too shabby from mid-range, shows some pop in his dunks, and can nail 3pts with little to no problem. im in year 3 of my chise and hes an 81 overall (was in the 60's i believe)

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