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I'm hoping to have some time to organize and send in my taxes over the weekend. I usually wait until the last minute, but can't stand doing that.

Didn't have time to play the MLB '08 demo last night, but from all indications, it's a good demo. Looking forward to digging into it.

NBA All-Star weekend is upon us, I'm kinda looking forward to the dunk contest. Not sure if I'll watch the alley-oop fest All-Star game, but we'll see.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 02/15/08 07:23 AM
It's my birthday weekend, so we're doing a bunch of running around.

No real plans, just dinner with a bunch of friends and family.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 02/15/08 07:37 AM
QOTD: 3 day weekend!!! (off for Prez Day on Monday). Hopefully, just chilling out tonight and watching last night's Lost on DVR, though the wife may want to go out and see some crappy cover band. Going to watch All-Star Saturday at my cousin's tomorrow night (we've kinda made it a yearly tradition). Going out for a nice dinner on Sunday for Valentine's and possibly tobogganning on Monday.
The wife bought me Lego Star Wars for Valentine's, so I might play that a little this weekend.
# 3 clarkerots @ 02/15/08 07:42 AM
QOTD: Going to Valentine's dinner with the wife tomorrow night. House shopping throughout the weekend. Hopefully getting the taxes done via a little TurboTax.
# 4 Behindshadows @ 02/15/08 07:58 AM
QOTD - 3 Day Weekend. I'm going to see Jumper in about 6 hours. And more Lost Odyssey tonight!

Then its all sports on T.V. Saturday morning and more 360 at night.

Sunday All-Star game, and then more Frontlines MP Demo and RB6 Vegas new maps!
# 5 Jasong7777 @ 02/15/08 08:24 AM
Taking my girl out to dinner on Saturday night. Catching everything that is involved in the NBA All-Star weekend, and playing alot of Lost Odyssey.
# 6 HustlinOwl @ 02/15/08 09:08 AM
QOTD: 3 day weekend so, The Show Demo all weekend long
# 7 racerx @ 02/15/08 09:13 AM
Have my Grandma 87th B-Day party on Sunday and working on Sat
# 8 MachoMyers @ 02/15/08 09:32 AM
QOTD: Work, friends. All I ever do is work.
# 9 stalsy2310 @ 02/15/08 09:39 AM
QOTD: Traveling to Madison tonight then I have wrestling sectionals saturday, then on sunday im gonna rest and eat food that i couldnt all week.
# 10 oakfan162 @ 02/15/08 08:28 PM
QOTD: flying home to the Bay tonight, relaxing tomorrow, then my mom's wedding on Sunday, then flying home Sunday night. Its going to be a long weekend. haha.

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