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VideoGamer has posted their hands-on preview of SEGA Superstars Tennis.
"While this preview is Wii specific, most of the game features apply across the board. The one thing that Wii has over the others is motion controls, although you don't need to play that way. Developer Sumo Digital offers three control schemes. The first is as most Wii gamers might expect. You use the Wii Remote alone, swinging it to hit the ball, with the harder the swing the stronger the shot and all movement handled by the game - although you can override the movement by using the d-pad. Next up is a combination of Wii-remote and Nunchuck, allowing you more control over movement and spin - something Sumo expects most 'proper' gamers to use. Then, if you want an old-school feel you can just use the Wii Remote, turned on its side like a NES controller. All work pretty well and should open the game up to all kinds of players."

Game: SEGA Superstars TennisReader Score: 7/10 - Vote Now
Platform: NDS / PS2 / PS3 / Wii / Xbox 360Votes for game: 1 - View All
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