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T.J. Cutini has posted an Inside the Numbers look at Major League Baseball 2K8.
"With less than a month before the release of MLB2K8, 2K Sports sent over a 5MB spreadsheet detailing every single rating for every single player included in this yearís game.

At first glance, the numbers seem to go right along with their real-life counterparts, but dig deeper and youíll find a few discrepancies that the baseball fanatics will be scrambling to fix once the game is released. So letís go around the horn (apologies to Tony Reali) and take a look at the overall ratings of some of baseballís best (and worst)."

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# 1 scooter300 @ 02/19/08 11:21 AM
I agree with a lot of your intial observations. As a White Sox fan I almost choked when I saw they had Kendal rated higher than A.J. at catcher. I don't know how anyone can justify that mixup. As long as we can adjust the ratings it'll be fine.

Oh, and having Jeter as the second best shortstop....wayyyyy overrated.
# 2 NYJets @ 02/19/08 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by scooter300

Oh, and having Jeter as the second best shortstop....wayyyyy overrated.
# 3 rock85 @ 02/19/08 12:56 PM
Some off the top of my head
Posada should be higher
Mo IS still better than Wagner and Papelbon might be better than both
Becket is to low too(should be ahead of some of those other guys)
Dam i sound like a RedSox fan Will somebody shoot me NOW
# 4 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/19/08 01:59 PM
Simply horrible.... When are they gonna get the RATINGS correct in this series?
# 5 CMH @ 02/19/08 02:15 PM
I think they are just fine.

Actually, I think everyone's ratings should be lower.
# 6 mgoblue @ 02/19/08 03:32 PM
Wow...someone apparently took a baseball bat to Justin Verlander...how is he not top 20, ahead of Liriano?

Anyone have info on the serious, career threatening injury Verlander must have suffered?
# 7 Saber @ 02/19/08 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by NYJets
Jeter isn't a good defender. He doesn't get rated the 2nd best SS in baseball because he's a good contact hitter and of "intangibles". Rollins and Ramirez should both be higher than him.

On the same grounds, my favorite player Michael Young should be rated lower as well. While a threat to hit .310/15/90 with 10 SBs in any given season, he lacks range defensively.
# 8 Ckhoss29 @ 02/19/08 04:25 PM
Although Posada had a stud year last year, his defense, mainly his ability of throwing people out really dampers his rating as it should, the one that I don't understand is Aubrey Huff on the top 20 of 3rd basemen, he seems like he lost it the past couple of seasons and really isn't a 3B anymore anyways, also why is Cantu still up there at 2b he is a non-roster invitee for FLA or Marcus Giles, might as well just put Bret Boone back up there.
# 9 JoePSUPa420 @ 02/19/08 06:29 PM
umm...the overall rating is a pretty strong number in depicting how well the player performs and the numbers he puts up. We have all been playing games long enough to realize this, not really anything new.
Also, to all you DJ haters...find something else to bitch about..Not good defensively? Can I bring you back to Oakland not to long ago when DJ made "the flip", it wasn't the actual flip that was ridiculous, it was more of the fact that Jeter KNEW the ball would be coming toward the plate and possibly off-line, so he plays his position perfectly. The day Jimmy Rollins ever does that Ill agree with you, even though I made a vow to myself that I would and will never agree with ignorant Philadelphia fans.
Oh yea, and lets not forgot hes got 4 rings...more than any other shortstop has, and will ever have, in our lifetime.
# 10 bosox5s @ 02/19/08 07:09 PM
If you guys got a spreadsheet with every rating can you post it for all of us to see? if not, could you just tell me red sox player ratings please?

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