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As most of you are aware, the URL's have changed, not only for the Operation Sports home page, but the Forums as well. To make sure you are seeing the site correctly, please update your bookmarks. (This is especially useful for readers that are having login issues.)

Please update your bookmarks.
http://www.operationsports.com (Home page)
http://www.operationsports.com/forums (Forums)

Thanks and keep those game votes and commments coming in. Don't forget to update your home page mini-avatar as well.


What are the comments and votes under my username for?

When you comment on a news topic on the home page, it is counted towards your "Comment Count". This will work in the near future for "Tagged" posts, which will be threads we promote to the home page, for a one stop shop for readers that want to see "What's Hot" during the day in sports gaming. As for votes, you now have the ability to vote/score any given game. Vote on games that have already been released (Reader Score), as well as games that are coming up (Hype Score). Everytime you vote, your "Vote" count increases. We will be giving away prizes for people that vote the most, as well as comment the most, so do your part to keep everyone informed on what you think of a certain game, upcoming game, tagged/promoted thread (starts Monday) or news topic for that matter.

Why can't I see the comments and votes under my username?

It's only working in some skins at the moment, we hope to have this fixed sometime today. If we get them working right, they will also be linked, showing what you've commented on, as well as games you've voted for.

How can I view the forums without the menu bar on the left?

Change your Forum skin. Using the OS 2.0 Default (no left menu) is recommended, if you don't want the left menu bar.

How can I listen to the podcast while browsing the forums?

At this time, you have to use the "Open in new window" icon, so it plays in the background. We are working on a way to make it playable while browsing, without having to open a new window.

What is a mini-avatar and how do I pick mine?

Go here to change your mini-avatar. This is used on the home page, where posting your comments, voting, etc. show your mini-avatar, to distinguish yourself from other readers.

Which forum skins work well with the new features of the site?

Only OS 2.0 Default and OS 2.0 Default (no left menu).

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Member Comments
# 1 bronco92 @ 02/23/08 01:09 PM
Thanks Steve! Now I understand everything!
# 2 Sandman42 @ 02/23/08 02:45 PM
Switched it. Testing out the comments also.
# 3 bronco92 @ 02/23/08 02:46 PM
Lets see a mini-avatar Sandman42...
# 4 Spin @ 02/23/08 04:10 PM
# 5 Kramer5150 @ 02/23/08 10:07 PM
Cool Idea for the mini avatar. Thanks alot,much appreciated.
# 6 Boltman @ 02/27/08 11:19 AM
I have only just now found this thread. I figured out most of the things you posted on my own though.

But still very informative none the less.

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