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  • CVG: EA: We'd Sell More Bioshocks and GTAs
    ""I wouldn't change a line of code in BioShock nor would I in GTA or Max Payne... what we would do is sell more of it," he said referring to EA's powerful means of distribution compared to Take-Two's. Another benefit of the deal would be mature-rated games, an area the CEO feels EA must do better in."
  • Videogaming247: EA Releases Take-Two Conference Call Script
    "The scriptís just the speech part of the beginning of the call, so the questions at the end arenít detailed."
  • Next Generation: EA's Take-Two Bid a Long Time Coming
    "Rockstar is one of the most unabashed creators of mature content for videogames. So much so that it has gotten them into trouble with regulators and industry critics. But Riccitiello welcomes the mature content, continuing to evolve EA beyond the "Disney of videogames.""
  • Next Generation: What Would Happen to 2K Sports?
    "The FAQ added, "Itís too early to discuss plans for managing and integrating the Take-Two team. What we can say is that EAís new decentralized structure and Label-based model can give these teams the freedom and responsibility they need to continue making great games.""
  • Next Generation: What a Buyout Looks Like Before it Goes Hostile
    "Here we have excerpts from the very cordial correspondence between EA CEO John Riccitiello and Take-Two chair Strauss Zelnick regarding how EA wants to gobble up the work-in-progress Take-Two."
  • Next Generation: Analyst: EA Bid Likely to Go Hostile
    ""We believe EA is likely to go 'hostile' and likely be successful in a tender offer, given the offer price is 50 percent above the stockís recent closing price of $17.36, 44 percent above the stockís average price in the last one year [and] 56 percent above the stockís average price in the last two years," wrote Stern Agee's Arvind Bhatia, who upgraded the share status from "sell" to "hold.""

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