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IGN has posted a Ferrari Challenge interview with Mark Cale.
IGN: " Ferrari's always had a very romantic, stylish image though right?"
Mark Cale: "Absolutely. They're the most successful road racing team ever in history, and it's an iconic brand… so when there was – because I know a lot of people very closely in the factory - an opportunity to actually do an official videogame of the race series, Ferrari Challenge, and follow on from what SEGA had done, of course for us it was a great opportunity."

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# 1 Kruza @ 02/26/08 10:28 AM
Interesting interview.

I was one of those Ferrari F355 Challenge 3-screen deluxe arcade playing addicts. I also played the hell out of the Dreamcast version once it dropped for that system as well.

Anyway, this new Ferrari Challenge game is one of the very few reasons I would even consider getting a PS3. That's great to see that the developers are intent on keeping the spirit of Sega's F355 alive for this game.

However, I do have a gripe with what he said about Forza 2. I don't agree with him saying that Forza 2 is unplayable with the joystick, but I do see where he is coming from. It's certainly not an accessible game for the casual gamer or non-racing enthusiast.

# 2 catcatch22 @ 02/26/08 10:57 AM
I played F355 Challenge on the Dreamcast for hours on end. Only things I disliked about the game was there was no cockpit view and you couldn't qualify for the starting grid. You always had to start in back and work you way through the traffic.

The Arcade version with the 3 screens was way to expensive.
# 3 Kruza @ 02/26/08 01:23 PM
Heh, yeah it was expensive to play the F355 arcade unit, but after seeing that clutch & gearbox and trying it out for the first time... man, that was a wrap. I couldn't resist. That was a great experience. The yellow paddles were fun to use too, though not as exciting to me as upshifting and downshifting with the stick. Even after the DC version of F355 was released, I still poured a ton of coins into the arcade.


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