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CVG has posted their preview of Race Driver: GRID.

"The last time you saw a Race Driver game, it had a 'TOCA' bit in front of it and a massive '3' opposite the last 'r'. It was huge, verging on morbidly obese, and we were its feeders, revelling in its fatness, squeezing its pudgy spare tyres. It was so big, it needed the fire brigade to cut it out of the PS2 when it needed to go for a wee.

But Codemasters was plainly disgusted at our filthy cravings and decided to call a stop to it all. "STOP!", the Codies called, snatching its bulbous game from our fingers and whisking it away to the safety of its Warwickshire HQ, and we never saw it again."

Game: Race Driver: GRIDReader Score: 8/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 7 - View All
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