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So, I finally played some Show last night and stayed up entirely too late. Loving the game, just as I figured I would, seeing quite a few new animations in the 4 games I played. The only thing that bugs me, is the dive button, it's a bit too sensative. I gotta see if I can remap it somewhere else.

The "plan" this weekend is to get my taxes into the mailbox and get that process started. It's such a pain for me and I never look forward to doing it, since I always wait until the last minute.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 TheLetterZ @ 03/07/08 07:05 AM
That Mentos spoof was funny, but this one is still my favorite.

I'm heading down to Clearwater, FL this weekend for Phillies spring training. It's my first time going so I'm extremely excited.
# 2 slickdtc @ 03/07/08 07:06 AM
QOTD: Big weekend coming up for me. Friday night is girlfriend night, Saturday is hockey, slamball, a game night at my friend's youth group, then Super Smash Bros. Brawl midnight release. Sunday is jobhunting day.
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 03/07/08 07:17 AM
TheLetterZ - im in Clearwater right now, should be awesome weather for you this weekend. Perfect sports weather

QOTD: More house work. Bought a house 8 months ago, landscaping it now, alot of work, but its actually fun.

Whats up: Trying to survive a Friday at work
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 03/07/08 07:28 AM
My favorite Mentos spoof is still the Foo Fighters' "Big Me" video.

Sold my Xbox yesterday for $60 via Craigslist. I'm pretty happy, considering it was much more than I would've gotten from a game store and a whole lot less hassle than eBay. Going to finally buy College Hoops 2k8 tonight with some of that money, mainly because it's down to $40 and I'm going to wait for the patch to get MLB 2k8.

QOTD: Big winter storm coming this afternoon, so I may duck out of work a little early to beat rush hour. Hopefully tonight playing a lot of CH 2k8. Playing in a 3-on-3 tournament tomorrow morning with my cousin and his friend. I have no idea what to expect. I think we'll hold our own, but we'll see. Going to our friend's "international food party" on Satuday night. No real plans for Sunday.
# 5 ExtremeGamer @ 03/07/08 07:40 AM
I'm doing the same Boom. Leaving early to avoid the storm. Supposed to get 1-2 feet of snow!!! WHOA!

I doubt I leave the house this weekend, just lots of The Show and Army of Two with some Frontlines sprinkled in.
# 6 Scott @ 03/07/08 07:48 AM
QOTD: Going home today then leaving for Galveston on Sunday for 4 days.
# 7 Skyboxer @ 03/07/08 08:00 AM
Hopefully get my 360 sent out for repair. I have some general "pre-Spring/Summer"
yard and house work to do. Once I'm done that it The Show time!
# 8 mjb2124 @ 03/07/08 08:17 AM
Busy weekend. Tonight I'm going to watch my nephew get his orange belt (he's 6 and just started Tai Kwan Do). Saturday I'm heading to a travel agent in the morning to discuss honeymoon plans with my fiance. Then I'm going to my nephew's ice skating birthday party with his friends. Sunday we're going to my sister's house for my nephew's family birthday party.

All of this with a big snow storm coming. It's going to be an interesting weekend driving around. Hopefully when I'm home I can get some time in with The Show.
# 9 ndeezlo @ 03/07/08 08:22 AM
College basketball most of the weekend, gotta do that research for Vegas. Saturday is my buddies kids 2nd birthday party so I bought him some toys. It's from 4-7 so home/bar in time for Duke North Carolina (more research).

No plans for tonight though, probably grab a beer from the cute chick at the bar when I get out of work today. I did such a good job of slicing way to many veggies yesterday that I didn't have to do anything but bake bread this morning. I'm way to good at my job.
# 10 aukevin @ 03/07/08 08:46 AM
QOTD: Not much plans for me this weekend. Just plan on catching up on some TV shows from the week and playing more of The Show and Burnout.
# 11 Acid @ 03/07/08 09:01 AM
QOTD: Indoor soccer tonight, and then the rest of the weekend I think I'll be hanging out with my friend who leaves for Mexico on Monday (he has a 3 month trial with Chivas Guadalajara).
# 12 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/07/08 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by Acid
(he has a 3 month trial with Chivas Guadalajara).
Is that a Mexican restaurant or something?
# 13 HustlinOwl @ 03/07/08 10:03 AM
QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

House sitting at the in-laws and they just got a 52inch bravia, so I will finally get a chance to play the show in HD. Kind of scared cause I will have to go back to my SDTV. Also will be at my bro's house Saturday for some beer and a little Show tournament.
# 14 windseer90 @ 03/07/08 10:49 AM
QOTD: Got a track meet, and I'll probably go over to someone's house on Sunday to play Brawl since I don't have a Wii.
# 15 funky_chicken @ 03/07/08 10:57 AM
QOTD - I have to work a few hours on Saturday. When I get out of work I am taking a friend of mine out to eat for his birthday. I will be spending some time with The Show and MLB 2k8 as well. On Sunday I have a friend coming over to watch some college basketball. I also need to do some reading for school. Enjoy the weekend everyone.
# 16 SPTO @ 03/07/08 11:03 AM

Plans, what are plans? Seriously I live life one day at a time and the only things I plan are vacations and important appointments. I do want to go to an electronics store and find out about an external burner. I have a DVD burning program sitting next to me to load. Normally it'd be so much easier to do this with my own DVD drive but like most things in my life there's always something....

Turns out my DVD drive is a read only one! DAMN YOU!

So yeah that's my weekend plans. Oh, and lots of MLB 2K8.
# 17 LetsGoBucs @ 03/07/08 12:33 PM
QOTD: My wife and I are going out tonight with friends for dinner/drinks. Tomorrow, my wife needs to work all day, so I'm going to be getting some much needed time with The Show. I've played one game since I picked it up on Tuesday, and I think I need a fix...
# 18 jmood88 @ 03/07/08 12:47 PM
Studying for my math final and writing my last paper for a class.
# 19 Chaos81 @ 03/07/08 12:48 PM
QOTD: Have a 12 hour Endurance rFactor race to do tomorrow, so that will take up all day. Sunday, I'll probably relax all day as I'll be tired from Saturday.
# 20 Acid @ 03/07/08 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by TJdaSportsGuy
Is that a Mexican restaurant or something?

An update on my earlier post, there's no soccer tonight, we have a bye week.

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