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It sure looks that way, according to a recent Geekpulp interview they had with Todd Sitrin, Vice President of Global Marketing for EA Sports.

Geekpulp: "Itís good to see new IPs."

Todd Sitrin: "Absolutely, we actually have 3 new original IPs in development, the only one thatís been announced is Facebreaker, we havenít done an original IP at EA for several years, not since back to Freekstyle Motorcycle."

Hmm. Any ideas what they could be?

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# 1 mvb34 @ 03/09/08 12:18 PM
What is important about the new IP? How is that going to make games better?
# 2 ramenite @ 03/09/08 04:52 PM
They are coming out with a Formula 1 game...unless they signed Lewis Hamilton for no particular reason. I'm REALLY hoping it's going to be a SimBin developed/EA Published game.

The 3rd maybe tennis. I can't see what else they could do. They have toyed with tennis games in the past, but nothing recent.
# 3 e0820 @ 03/09/08 11:14 PM
hmm 3 new IP'S at EA?

I will guess


new to EA atleast
# 4 Crimsontide27 @ 03/10/08 05:24 AM
Until they can get the authentic sports games right, I could care less what new IP sports games they do.
# 5 mvb34 @ 03/10/08 10:53 AM
What do they mean by "IP"??
# 6 Hey_Rebby @ 03/10/08 07:59 PM
Not familiar with the term IP. Can someone please explain?
# 7 noshun @ 03/11/08 02:53 AM
As Im getting my degree in game design, specifically animation, and character modeling.. IP stands for intellectual property in gaming.
# 8 Steve_OS @ 03/11/08 05:42 AM
IP = Interlectual Property

In games talk it means completely new franchises that are being created.
# 9 yamabushi @ 03/11/08 12:40 PM
F1, and probably some kind of super casual 'backyard sports' type games.

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