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Finally got some time in with The Show over the weekend. Unfortunately, I was about 10 games into my RTTS and the power went out, didn't save, etc. Not a big deal, played quite a few exhibition games when the power returned and will start a new RTTS pretty soon.

Trying to finish up the taxes sometime this evening. It seems they get harder and harder to deal with every year. It's beginning to be a PITA.

Good to see the Pistons beat the Bulls, finally. Maybe they just have to play them w/o Sheed. Tay got a little banged up and played well afterwards, maybe the Piston players need to tap his funny bone before every game. Shaq flying through the crowd like Superman was a sight to see, as was Kobe's gaming winning clank.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend, get some good gaming in?
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# 1 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/10/08 07:30 AM
What's up?

I had an up and down weekend, sports wise. Saturday started off sucking with the way my Cal Bears lost to UCLA. It got a hell of a lot better with UNC's win over Dook. Sunday was bad though because my alma mater, UNCW, lost to George Mason in the CAA Semifinals, thus ending their season.


I've already kinda covered how the weekend was. Gaming wise, I did get some quality time in with MLB 08: The Show with my RTTS guy, a 2B in the Yankees organization. I managed to hit for the cycle on Saturday, something I was never able to do in last year's game. Felt great when I got the single I needed in the 9th inning after flying out in my two previous at bats with a chance to get the cycle.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 03/10/08 07:41 AM
Whats Up?

Enjoyed the UNC victory over Dook on Senior Night....always nice to have the Dookies lose. Did some more landscaping at the house, next weekend, its time to rip apart the bathroom and renovate.

QOTD: Played The Show as much as my fiancee would let me. Got a franchise going with the hometown D-Rays........oops, i mean Rays. Good stuff so far.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 03/10/08 07:45 AM
Snow, snow and more snow. Shoveled Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Our street still hasn't been plowed and it took until about 6 PM last night until we could actually drive on it. Couldn't get to the 3-on-3 tournament I was supposed to play in, which somehow was not cancelled.

QOTD: Being trapped in the house did allow for plenty of gaming. Bought CH 2k8 on my way home Friday and played it a bunch this weekend. I prefer NBA to NCAA in terms of watching basketball, but I really enjoy this game. I think it does a great job of capturing the college game. Played a little Rock Band with the wife, but she busy working on school stuff.
# 4 luv_mist @ 03/10/08 08:19 AM
Went to Grand Rapids, MI for a league tournament. We're defending champs of two years in a row. We came up there with two statement games. My team is unique. We have these two older guys who are way past their prime so we start them and allow them to make their mistakes. I'm the garbage man hustling, jumping, and fighting my way through everything in order to get us those leads; a good defensive presence if you will. We came up there humble and left talking cause we blew out both teams by 20.

Looking forward to the last week in March which is the final four and the championship. Should be an interesting bunch because the championship game with the team we're looking to play is stacked with so many good players. They're using up their whole bench of 12 I believe and they run a full court trap the whole game. Only confident. Kind of sucks that the Bulls loss. Also a little sour cause we didn't sign Ben Gordon to that contract in the off season. Going to bite us in the behind.

QOTD: No type of gaming. Had my DS but couldn't find the time to stay awake and game like I wanted too.
# 5 BlyGilmore @ 03/10/08 08:25 AM
I spent all weekend playing MLB 2k8. Look for the review on OS shortly.
# 6 Brandon13 @ 03/10/08 08:32 AM
QOTD: Good weekend, got plenty of games of The Show in.
# 7 Brandwin @ 03/10/08 08:51 AM
Went to San Anontio early Saturday and spent the day and night there. Was woke up at 4am by the a loud siren saying "this is an emergency, please find the nearest exit and do not use the elevators" Not a fun way to be woken up out of a deep sleep, but it was a flase alarm.

Finally was able to get some gaming in last night since I got my 360 back. I got about an hour in and man did I suck at COD 4.
# 8 Behindshadows @ 03/10/08 08:55 AM
QOTD - Weekend kind of dragged and with the time change, made it even worse! Late as hell to work this morning, because it was still dark outside.

As far as gaming, yeah I dedicated about 4 hours to MLB The Show 08, and maybe 2 hours to RB6 Vegas! Other than that, bored!
# 9 aukevin @ 03/10/08 09:03 AM
QOTD: Not much went on this weekend, so I played some MLB The Show, Burnout Paradise, Guitar Hero 3, and last night I picked up Super Smash Bros Brawl and played it for a bit. Pretty good weekend for gaming.

WOW at the hockey fight vid Steve posted! That was gruesome
# 10 nyisles16 @ 03/10/08 10:56 AM
QOTD.. counting down the days to my birthday Worked like a banshee yesterday, so I am really looking forward to my few off days coming up...

Glad to see you enjoying the Show, Steve
# 11 davin @ 03/10/08 12:03 PM
QOTD: My weekend was nothing spectacular. Finals week is this week and I have an exam in a couple hours. Really excited for Thursday after 11:30, my spring break begins and I'm going home.
# 12 Psyblast @ 03/10/08 12:26 PM
QOTD: LOTS of time with The Show.

And I like that news about the Beatles...
# 13 HustlinOwl @ 03/10/08 12:49 PM
QOTD: How was your weekend, get some good gaming in?

Weekend was good got to bbq yesterday as the weather in Sacramento was perfect. Gaming wise house sat at the in-laws and got to play The Show in HD on a 52 inch Bravia, which was not a good idea. Now I have to get me an HDTV.
# 14 SPTO @ 03/10/08 12:57 PM
Well I caught up on some old movies. I been neglecting my classic movie obsession so I watched a few over the weekend

PATTERNS (1956) Excellent film on what goes on in corporations in terms of shuffling old people out and bringing in new people. The whole clash of ideology (care for workers vs. The Bottom Line) etc etc. The movie had 3 very good character actors in Van Heflin, Ed Begley Sr and Everrett Sloane. To top it off this was the work that Rod Serling was best known for until he created The Twilight Zone. Very effective film and highly recommended

TOPAZE (1933) Eh....strange movie. It's supposed to be a comedy but didn't really play that way to me. John Barrymore carried the film as a meek and somewhat naive professor who gets caught up in shady dealings with unscrupulous people. The movie dragged and I fell asleep near the climax of the film. What I gather though from my viewing that it was strange but effective in that Barrymore was highly watchable.

THE X FROM OUTER SPACE (1966) Ah Japanese monster movies! Unfortunately this was done by a cheapie studio so there isn't much there to it. The actors try to make the story believable and the head doctor of the space program in this movie was quite good in his role. The monster is a giant lizard chicken, unfortunately said monster shows up too late in the movie to make it goofy enough. Some elements were interesting though but it was just watchable with no great shocks or anything.

QOTD: As for gaming....I wanted to start a new franchise on MLB 2k8 but it looks like you have to put the sliders in during the game and not at the beginning before you load the franchise! So i'll do that today sometime. It's the IF/OF sliders that an OS'er has up here.
# 15 SPTO @ 03/10/08 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by totalownership
Yeah I SAW THIS MOVIE TOO!!! A whole 3 minutes of it. The part where they were offering him the job for 4 thousand pounds or francs or whatever a month. Then he stood up mad because he thought it was charity and the guy told him it wasn't and then I turned the channel promptly.
Yes well good thing you didn't see the scene of him more or less preaching communistic ideals to his students. Some old movies just don't work well these days.
# 16 slickdtc @ 03/10/08 04:34 PM
QOTD: The weekend was pretty great. Played a ton of NHL 2k7 on Friday. Played some street hockey Sunday. Got some Super Smash Brothers Brawl action in on Sunday as well. Very successful weekend though.
# 17 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 03/10/08 05:41 PM
Played a BUNCH of smash bros brawl into the wee hours of the morning. Decent weekend, i think im getting sick now though. About time too, seein as how my brother has had mono for 2 weeks and i hadn't caught it yet
# 18 joshuar9476 @ 03/10/08 07:15 PM
best hockey fight ever ...
# 19 rock85 @ 03/10/08 09:36 PM
Good weekend play the new baseball games, and got drunk on Saturday night Fred Norris(and his band) from the Stern show was at our local bar /club. They are pretty good. Didn't like how the did Ozzy though, and LOL at that hockey fight

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