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This afternoon Operation Sports began its own version of March Madness - the first annual "Best Sports Games of All-Time Tournament." The concept is simple. Forum members nominated over 100 games, with the OS staff working to get the poll down to 64 classic sports games.

Each day different games will be matched up in a head-to-head battle for votes from our forum members. Which ever game gets the most votes moves on.

So be sure to go let your voice be heard in the Operation Sports forums!

Member Comments
# 1 SolidSnake07 @ 03/14/08 09:44 PM
I'd like to nominate NBA 2k5, Madden 04 and MVP Baseball 2005.
# 2 Moses Shuttlesworth @ 03/15/08 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by SolidSnake07
I'd like to nominate NBA 2k5, Madden 04 and MVP Baseball 2005.
NBA 2k5 - absolutely not.
Madden 04 - absolutely not.
MVP Baseball 2005 - possibly.
# 3 BrsFan34 @ 03/15/08 01:11 PM
The Original Tecmo Bowl... period
# 4 Complex @ 03/15/08 03:39 PM
I would like to nominate:

NBA Street 2
Boxer's Road 2: The Real
# 5 Happy29 @ 03/15/08 07:32 PM
If your a sim racer like me Nascar Racing 2003
# 6 mactraxx @ 03/15/08 10:39 PM
ESPN NFL 2k5 ...it had everything to stand the test of time...so far. But then again I had a great time with madden 2001 (PC) Online and then there were the night me and the guys would get together every saturday night for and hour to play our tecmo bowl before going out.
# 7 Simp @ 03/16/08 07:56 AM
NHL 94
MVP 05
MLB 06 The Show
NHL 08
# 8 SolidSnake07 @ 03/16/08 06:59 PM
Well Moses you got any better choices than mine?
# 9 Malignant @ 03/16/08 07:39 PM
Pro Evolution Soccer 3
FIFA World Cup 98
Sensible World of Soccer 97/98

MVP 2005
MLB 07 The Show


NCAA Football 2004
# 10 madscientist @ 03/17/08 02:29 AM
My personal favorites:

MVP 2005 Xbox
The Show 2008 PS3
Bill Walsh College Football Super Nintendo? (been awhile!)
NCAA Football 2001 PS
NBA 2K8 360
College Hoops 2K7 360
NFL 2K5 Xbox
Forza Motorsport Xbox
Test Drive Unlimited 360
Need For Speed Most Wanted 360
# 11 Eski33 @ 03/17/08 02:08 PM
Here are a few of my faves:

Madden 93 (Genesis -- Can you say 85 Bears?)
Tecmo Bowl OR Super Tecmo
NCAA 2006

Statis-Pro Baseball (Commodore 64 -- Best text based simulation ever)
MVP 2005
MLB The Show 2008 (SICK)
MLB 2K8 (Kidding)
Baseball Stars (NES)
Original RBI Baseball (NES)

NBA Live 96 (Genesis - Best Live ever)
Double Dribble (NES)
Dr. J vs. Larry Bird (Commodore 64 - Instant replay and shattering backboards)
NBA Basketball: The Pro Game (C64 - Again, another outstanding text-based sports simulation with deep stats. Lance Haffner is the man)

NHL 94 (Genesis)
NHL 08

Fight Night Round 3
Mike Tyson Punchout (NES)
Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing (Genesis)
PGA Tour Golf (Genesis - More tour pros than the current games)
# 12 mercalnd @ 03/17/08 02:32 PM
You guys are all missing the point. The games have already been nominated and the tournament began on the day of this thread's first post. There's a special forum just for this tournament.
# 13 bh446066 @ 03/17/08 03:36 PM
By Console I've owned:

High Heat 2004
MVP Baseball 2004
MLB 07 The Show
Madden 2002/2003
NCAA Football 2004/2006
NHL Hitz Pro
March Madness 2003
Winning Eleven 8

NHL 98

Sega Genesis:
Tecmo Super Bowl
NHL 94
NBA Showdown 94

RBI Baseball
Baseball Stars
Ice Hockey
Tecmo Bowl
# 14 BlyGilmore @ 03/19/08 03:58 PM
the first round is getting close to an end. so if you haven't already, head to the forum and cast a few votes
# 15 usmgoldeneagles @ 03/21/08 04:23 PM
Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball (NES)
Little League Baseball (NES)

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