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The Rockets have won 20 straight. That is unbelievable. If they get by the Lakers and C's, that is going to be insane. Hopefully they don't sleep on the Bobcats.

Mr. Big Shot couldn't cash in last night, missing a buzzer beater to win the game. Come on Detroit, at home against the Sixers? Jeez. Can't win too many if RIP won't shoot! Get him the ball!

Gym Update: So, I'm at the gym again last night, dude is lifting a megaton of weight. I was watching him struggle, grunt, groan, etc. And all of the sudden he tries to put the weight back and misses the rack, oh boy... Talk about a nightmare about to unfold. The dude ended up sliding the weight off on one side and then gaining control over it. He's lucky he didn't hurt somebody. Funny thing is, he got up and put the weight back on and played it like NOTHING happened and did another 3 reps. Yeah, you're cool buddy, REAL cool. Did anyone see/hear it? Yeah, how about the entire gym saw it happen. I felt like pimp slapping him.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What is your most satisfying victory in any video game? (Win? Beat a game? etc.)
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 03/13/08 08:02 AM
Hoping Dayton can pull off the huge upset against Xavier today. I think if they win, they can get into the field of 64.

QOTD: Winning the first Tecmo Super Bowl my freshman year in college. QB Eagles led to me a championship over the Dolphins.
# 2 LetsGoBucs @ 03/13/08 08:37 AM
QOTD: I think it was when I beat Mike Tyson on Punchout. I hadn't played in years, and friends in college had it so we started playing. I went all the way through to Tyson (not sure how I did it!) To make a long story short - 3rd round, I'm one super punch away from beating Tyson, and I'm in the air cocked and ready and the bell rings. I could not believe it. But I ended up getting the decision. I thought it was impossible to win a decision against Tyson. I was pretty pumped...
# 3 Brandwin @ 03/13/08 09:05 AM
I am hoping Baylor can beat Colorado today in the first round of the Big 12 tourny. Sucks that I have to be at work. What's even worse, if they do win, they play Oklahoma at the same time, 2pm and guess what I will be at work. What sucks more is, if they end up beating Oklahoma I will be at a wedding Saturday for the semi-final game. At least I could see them play if they make the Big 12 Championship...lol

QOTD: What does that even mean?

But to answer the question. I think my biggest upset was online two (maybe three?) NCAA Football's ago. It was an OS league and I upset BK's USC Trojans with the fight Baylor Bears.
# 4 callmetaternuts @ 03/13/08 09:09 AM
Whats up? Had an interview yesterday for an internal transfer. Better job, more autonomy, more money. Should hear soon.

QOTD: Gettign 100% on any GTA is an accomplishment, but any win against UF on NCAA feels pretty darn good
# 5 Acid @ 03/13/08 09:16 AM
QOTD: Winning the World Cup with the Ivory Coast in WC 06. Drogba was a beast.
# 6 Psyblast @ 03/13/08 11:05 AM
# 7 SPTO @ 03/13/08 11:57 AM
QOTD: Can't think of one off the top of my head

My appointment got canceled but i'm still going out, first for a haircut and to FINALLY see about a DVD burner. In fact i'm leaving now.

# 8 Behindshadows @ 03/13/08 12:23 PM
QOTD - When I beat the final boss in Shenmue II on Dreamcast and got to see that incredible ending!
# 9 Sausage @ 03/13/08 12:54 PM
QOTD-Beating Mike Tyson in "Mike Tyson's Punch Out". I can still do it with a few tries. I still love this game and have the Mr. Dream Edition on the Wii. Peace and happy gaming.
# 10 MachoMyers @ 03/13/08 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by stewaat
If I'm using a barbell with 5lb weights on the side...I use clamps. You will NEVER see me not use clamps. It takes a couple extra seconds and provides insurance to your lifts.

Hate is a strong word but it applies to my feelings towards people who think they are the **** in the gym but they are really just trying to overcompensate for some other short coming in life!

Yes I'm mean

QOTD: I'm pretty sure I discussed my Madden victory over a Madden Challenge winner. Short version: Played in Madden tourney and faced MC winner 1st round...held on for the victory...was one of two white people there...got respect from the brothers...money being tossed around on my game like crazy.
If your using clamps and lifting heavy weights by yourself you are really asking for trouble. Your one saving grace is to have the weights slide right off the bar. I've seen many, many people nearly choke themselves to death because of clamps.

Its much better to be embarrassed and have the weights go crashing down then be dead.

But then again, its always wise to use a spotter. Even if your as cool as Steve's workout buddy.

I lost to a guy by one point in the arcades on NFL Blitz. It turned out that they guy was the #1 player at that arcade. He was sweating and cursing the whole game and I was just amazed it was so close. Sure I lost and it was Blitz but I must have only been about 13 years old.
# 11 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 03/13/08 02:23 PM
"Did anyone see/hear it? Yeah, how about the entire gym saw it happen. I felt like pimp slapping him."

LOL Steveeeee. Quote of the freakin week man. Maybe even month.
Keep em coming.

QOTD: Beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2. Story of my life baby. Heck yes
# 12 The GIGGAS @ 03/13/08 02:26 PM
Any time I beat the best Smash player in my group of friends. Very happy when that happens.

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