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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wearing your green? If not, T.J. may try to pinch you, as he enjoys that sort of thing. A little too much, I might add...

Finally finished up the taxes over the weekend and will be sumbitting them today, at some point. Unfortunately, I have to take Nat to the dentist to get an X-ray on one of her teeth. It is causing a cyst in her gum line and needs to be removed. The referring dentist can't do anything w/o the X-ray, so we scheduled it as soon as we could.

Tiger Woods is pretty good huh? That was one hell of a putt... Dude is a machine.

The Rockets have won 22 games in a row, as they handled the Lakers. Can they get 33? What a crazy run. speaking of runs, 168 for Denver and it didn't even go overtime? Nice defense Sonics. Pistons rolled a very good Hornets team, so I'm happy.

Me and Nat saw Horton Hears a Who yesterday. I was shocked there weren't many in the theaters. It was a pretty good movie.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 03/17/08 08:27 AM
Tiger Woods is unbelievable. Ive seen him play a few times and its just ridiculous.

Whats up? My taxes are getting done tonight (i hope) Outside of that, i just accepted the new job today, should start transitioning soon.

QOTD: Weekend was too short. I laid tile all weekend in re-doing our bathroom. Bigger project than i thought, but it looks awesome.
# 2 The GIGGAS @ 03/17/08 08:44 AM
Moved back into the dorms. Subpar.
# 3 nyisles16 @ 03/17/08 08:45 AM
QOTD - my weekend wasn't too bad for a change.. I did work in the morning Saturday, but took off yesterday and celebrated my birthday with my family.. Off today too, then work 2 days, and off for another 2 this week

Counting down to the first of 3 vacation weeks (first week of April) - can't wait to basically "veg" out and not have to work..
# 4 Brandwin @ 03/17/08 09:04 AM
Had a pretty good weekend. Took my daughter to the "Discovery Center" (it's a museum/learning center, not sure how to explain it) Saturday afternoon, had a wedding to attend Saturday night. I watched Baylor get picked to go to the NCAA Tourny (almost had a heart attack being the last time selected) and got some gaming in.

Only two days away from the release of Vegas.

# 5 Behindshadows @ 03/17/08 09:36 AM
QOTD - Weekend was decent, a lot of video recording and converting! My sons grandfather died, so him and his mother were out of town!

So I had plenty of time to watch College Basketball on CBS all Sunday! And get about 1 hour of gameplay out of MLB 08: The Show.
# 6 FlyingFinn @ 03/17/08 11:46 AM
QOTD: Tapped a keg of Guinness on Saturday, had some people over for a cook out. Weekend was good!
# 7 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 03/17/08 12:01 PM
QOTD: Busy weekend. Had my CHilis 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Didnt go so well... Maybe next year!
# 8 SPTO @ 03/17/08 01:43 PM
QOTD: I hate Tiger Woods...He's already the greatest player in Golf history when the guy who was the greatest isn't even dead yet! Anywho, my weekend was quiet. I did some dubs for a couple people that i'm mailing out tomorrow. I got burned on a trade. The guy rated the video as a 7.7 when in reality it's about a 3 or a 4. The video is grainy, missing some footage and has video warping on the top of the screen. I watched 20 minutes of it and my eyes were in pain. I'll just have to remind myself not to deal with him again.

I felt a little under the weather yesterday but it was just a 24 hr bug my father OTOH has a full flu/cold. My work placement interview as you may know was canceled and i'm going tomorrow for an 11 AM appointment.

I watched All About Eve (1950) on Sunday. What a tour de force by Bette Davis. In many ways the themes explored in this movie is very much applicable to Hollywood today. I got a very creepy feeling watching Anne Baxter as the huge fan of Davis' character. There was a stalkerish vibe to it. The film also did a masterful job of building tension in some scenes (especially the whole party sequence) It also had some twists including the final twist that I partly guessed but the end result was a lot different then I thought it would be.

The only bad thing I can say about this is that the movie should've ended after Baxter received her reward and everyone left the banquet hall. The sequence that ended the film seemed a bit too "tacked on" for my tastes.
# 9 Acid @ 03/17/08 02:39 PM
My weekend was pretty sick. I had indoor soccer on Friday, we won 6-5 and I played a lot during the game, probably the most since my surgery. Saturday, I didn't do much, played some FIFA which I haven't been able to do in awhile and bought tickets for the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying on Sunday. Sunday, 2 friends and I went to the Home Depot Center for Guatemala/Canada and Mexico/Haiti. We took longer than expected eating lunch, so we caught the last 20 minutes or so of Guatemala/Canada, Guatemala had already qualified and they pretty much threw the game (lost 5-0) so Mexico would have to match Canada's goals to advance. Mexico ended up winning 5-1, and they missed so many chances, they should have qualified. Even though the Home Depot Center was about half-empty, the atmosphere was incredible, the last 20 minutes of the game were ****ing intense. I wish the MLS could reach 1/10th of the atmosphere at this game.
# 10 McLite @ 03/17/08 02:52 PM
My weekend is only half over. When you get off work at 7pm on Saturday night and don't have to go back until 4pm on Wednesday... the weekend just drags!

Went out Saturday night with my girl and had a few Irish beers. Sunday we went shopping at the mall and at Costco. I love Costco...it's like a Sam's Club for those that don't have one. $120 later I have food for a month or two.

Also got to watch UNLV beat Utah then BYU in consecutive nights...life can't get any better than that!

Now I'm just looking forward to Rainbow Six 2.
# 11 HustlinOwl @ 03/17/08 04:05 PM
QOTD: How was your weekend?

Weekend seemed to go by rather quickly. I had some family over this weekend visiting and took the kids to a local event downtown. The family went to dinner last night at my favorite Mexican Restaurant. I have not been there in a good two months. Finally got my Fantasy baseball league up and running over at Sportsgamer. Hopefully we can get this offline draft done before next week.

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