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VideoGamer has posted their Race Driver: GRID hands on preview.

"What's also obvious is the level of competition amongst the AI drivers. From the off the other racers are going at each other, to the extent that during one race there was a mass pile-up, all caused by one guy trying to take a racing line that he clearly shouldn't have. You could say it's bad AI, but it came across as an entirely realistic occurrence and not a group of brain-dead robots blindly driving without a thought for the opposition."

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# 1 mercalnd @ 03/17/08 10:59 AM
And the death of Race Driver as a sim racing series based on real world racing leagues (licensed or not) gets more and more clear with each new bit of info that is released.
# 2 patrick721 @ 03/17/08 03:13 PM
Very disappointed in Codemasters. They certainly are going to lose their core audience.
# 3 gta95 @ 03/17/08 07:00 PM
All I wanted was a sequel. Not a sub genre change. WTF.
# 4 daflyboys @ 03/18/08 01:02 AM
Just make TOCA2 and/or 3 backwards compatible.
# 5 Hoos @ 03/18/08 02:21 AM
Originally Posted by daflyboys
Just make TOCA2 and/or 3 backwards compatible.
TOCA3 going BC is what I've been hoping for

Also, MVP06 NCAA

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