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Took Nat to the dentist to get the X-ray yesterday, and you'd think someone was biting her nose off. I told her it wouldn't hurt, but she can't stand the dentist and didn't want to hear a word I was saying. Anyways, finally that is over, now I need to get myself ready for extraction day.

Man, I thought Horry's shot was money at the buzzer last night, but it didn't fall. That would have been a hell of an ending to a very good basketball game. Looking forward to seeing the Rockets and C's tonight. Could it be 23 in a row? The Pistons play Denver tonight as well. I think the Nuggets will have a hard time cracking 90, after ripping the Sonics.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Do you enjoy single or multiplayer games more?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 03/18/08 07:32 AM
Was off yesterday celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Not as many people out as last year since it was a weekday, but still a lot of people in green. Started the revelry at 9 AM and got home around 10:30 PM. I'm dragging big time today and will probably need a nap when I get home before playing hoops.

QOTD: Multiplayer.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 03/18/08 07:37 AM
Whats up? Grouting the bathroom tile we just laid tonight, we finally filed our taxes last nite (thank God for e-file and direct deposit). Gearing up the wedding plans and trying to survive a few days at work.

QOTD: Ive always been a single player gamer for the most part. I enjoy dynasties and franchises in sports games, but there are certain games (Rogue Spear back in the day and Super Smash Bros) that scream for multi-player
# 3 Behindshadows @ 03/18/08 07:47 AM
QOTD - I'd say multiplayer games, only because we've been getting hosed lately on single player campaign. Seems they are getting shorter by the month!

I've yet to see a single player game, where the levels are long and difficult to last. We just don't see it anymore. Why is online taking over, what about the people who don't have online? I guess they have to have those 6 hours games, and then grow bored!
# 4 nyisles16 @ 03/18/08 08:38 AM
QOTD - mixed bag.. I like playing sports games single player (unless I am in a league), but multiplayer for everything else
# 5 SPTO @ 03/18/08 08:49 AM
I'm about ready to go to my interview (YAY!) in a matter of a few minutes. Didn't really do too much yesterday.

QOTD: single player
# 6 Slymm @ 03/18/08 09:15 AM
Thinking about selling my Xbox 360 to get a PS3...thats what's up
# 7 Brandwin @ 03/18/08 09:49 AM
Multiplayer. I couldn't tell you the last singe player game I bought or even finished.
# 8 Spear @ 03/18/08 10:24 AM
Whats up with me? getting ready for exams, ugh.

That one handed 360 controller proves that some people have too much time on their hands. Kind of impressed though.

QOTD: Single player.
# 9 CM Hooe @ 03/18/08 11:06 AM
QOTD: Definitely multiplayer games. The only single-player game I've really played recently is n+ (from the XBL Arcade), but even then I was playing with a friend taking turns each time either of us died.
# 10 ZM Punk @ 03/18/08 12:57 PM
QOTD- I like playing single player games for sports and multi player games for fps.
# 11 Chrono @ 03/18/08 01:14 PM
Dreading watching my Flyers choke again tonight... I may hit the gym instead and just listen to the game. At least this way I could make my anger "useful" for a change!

QOTD: I've always liked single player since I mostly play sports games... however ever since I finally got a 360 and COD4 this year i'm quickly becoming a multiplayer fan!
# 12 racerx @ 03/18/08 07:34 PM
QOTD: I rather play single player games for sports and multiplayer for RPG games

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