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At least that is what EA is saying, courtesy of Next Generation.

"If you're still waiting for in-game advertising to bring down the price of packaged games, it's time to stop holding your breath."

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# 1 Sausage @ 03/18/08 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
At least that is what EA is saying, courtesy of Next Generation.

I don't believe they would tell us it brings the cost of development down. If it costs them less to make they still want to sell it to us for the highest price possible. It is about the bottom line. Peace.
# 2 jmood88 @ 03/18/08 10:36 AM
Of course EA would say that.
# 3 nxt @ 03/18/08 01:46 PM
Just as the article states... it's basically a new revenue stream for EA. The only way that they'd lower the price of games is if the units sold were on a great decline.
# 4 Sausage @ 03/18/08 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by metallicatz
Regardless of how you feel about EA, it's a great business move on EA's part. That's why they are where they are from a business standpoint. It's pretty funny reading through the comments on the Gamespot story. alot of people feigning outrage over this deal and making moronic comments such as "same ol' EA!" and "i'll never buy EA products again!". LOL. Yeah I know, it's SO outrageous that gamers will have to pop in Madden or NBA and look at ads on the virtual stadiums. *rolls eyes*

I wonder if these same gamers have ever bothered to file any kind of formal complaint or boycott their favorite sports teams after going to a game and seeing ads PLASTERED all over the stadiums or arenas. I'll also bet not a single on of the gamers and sports fans have ever stopped watching on TV because of TV timeouts and such. Of course not. It's just blind, irrational hate for EA at this point that isn't in any way grounded in objectivity or logic.
I think most gamers are concerned that they will be bombarded by adds that would make no sense. For example in Madden it wouldn't make no sense for them to have a "Oscar Meyer game winning drive", then have the drive summary on a hot dog. It makes great dollars sense, but hopefully it doesn't get ridiculous. By the way due to TV timeouts I hate going to the stadiums to watch games, I love HI-Def football. Peace.

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