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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2.

"So, moving on: Open Tee 2 follows in the seemingly timeless tradition of the patented HSG control scheme. It began a good decade ago with the original HSG on the PS1, and it introduced a new way of striking a virtual golf ball. Tiger Woods and other golf simulators use the analog (pull back to start the swing, push forward to complete it), but we have always preferred the 3-point tap style found in Sony’s golf franchise. The process requires solid hand-eye coordination and timing, and you only have to use the X button. You hit it once to start the swing, a bar moves to the left and you hit the button again to set the power, and then the bar moves back to the right and you hit the button a third time to set the accuracy. The closer you get to the “strike” mark, the more accurate your shot will be; if you’re off to the right, you’ll hook the ball and if you’re off to the left, you’ll slice it. This mechanic has always worked extremely well, and it will be in place once again for Open Tee 2."

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