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Next Generation has posted an article entitled, Is Race Driver the Future of Driving Games?

"Codemasters claims your favorite racing games, the Gothams, Forzas and Gran Turismos, arenít actually about racing at all. What are they about? Maybe ownership, or glamour, or simple iterative realism. Anything but what theyíre meant to be."

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# 1 Flawless @ 03/22/08 04:39 AM
Good read. Edge doesn't praise easily.

"That much we can confirm: Grid is exciting, and it is realistic. It is, in fact, the most exciting straight racer of this generation, and looks more realistic, in every sense bar its weather, than PGR4. And these qualities are connected. The 40,000 3D spectators in Milan and Shibuya arenít just there to outnumber those of other games. They, like the lanterns and balloons that swing in the wake of passing cars, are part of that Ďairí which has, noticeably, been sapped by racingís dash for photorealism. Last month, we asked what was next for a genre seemingly at its peak. The answer, when it comes to the raw electricity of it all, might just be everything."

My excitement level continues to grow for GRID.
# 2 Behindshadows @ 03/22/08 10:47 AM
gran turismo prologue can eat crow.

I'm definitely getting this game, and more and more previews are showings its potential.

I have all the pro race drivers and all the colin mcrae / plus dirt.

This will be a welcoming addition to my collection!
# 3 gta95 @ 03/22/08 03:03 PM
I'm hoping the sim portion will be good. I'm not so interested in the NFS/Drifting style.
# 4 $$***IcingOnDaCake***$$ @ 03/23/08 01:37 PM
Maybe. But i'll still always love Grand Turismo.
# 5 Rules @ 03/25/08 09:46 AM
This is a must buy for me already. The game looks and sounds exciting. Even the trailer is one of the best I have seen from any game! Besides, Codemaster knows racing.

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