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Well, after the agonizing wait for Nat's tooth pull, it ended up being a checkup, to go over the procedure and double check which tooth is to be pulled. So now we have to wait until next Tuesday to have it done. Oh the joy...

For the first time ever, I ran out of gas. Completely. I got to the gym and figured I'd have enough to get to the gas station that was literally within a 100 yards. Well, after my workout I tried to fire up the truck and it wouldn't go, no gas. So I headed over to the gas station and they said they didn't have any gas canisters, so I headed over to a few stores in the area and finally found one. Nat called it "The Adventure", but I didn't mention to her what I thought of it. So instead of getting home at 6:30, we got there at 8:00. I have learned my lesson.

We'll be announcing the winner of the FIFA Street 3 giveaway later this morning and starting giveaway #3. Good luck.

What's up with you?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 03/26/08 07:05 AM
Sorry to hear about "The Adventure" and the tooth not getting pulled.

Whats up? On audit today, my last one before i start new job

QOTD: Dumb luck i suppose. Did a Yahoo search for something on Madden and it brought me here
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 03/26/08 07:28 AM
Still battling a cold from this weekend. It seems to be getting worse not better. Watching UD play Ohio State in the NIT tonight and the Cavs play the Hornets.

QOTD: Don't really remember. Judging by my join date of Feb. 2004, I was probably looking for info/roster updates for MVP 2004.
# 3 Cyros @ 03/26/08 07:44 AM
QOTD: I was lured in by the NCAA 04 beta impressions.
# 4 aukevin @ 03/26/08 07:53 AM
QOTD: I found OS by some guy named ParedFIA mentioning it over at gamefaqs
# 5 MachoMyers @ 03/26/08 08:31 AM
That was a long time ago but by my join date I am assuming it was NCAA '03 and its pending release.
# 6 rspencer86 @ 03/26/08 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by aukevin
QOTD: I found OS by some guy named ParedFIA mentioning it over at gamefaqs
Same here.

I've never completely run out of gas before. I try to fill 'er up at about the 1/4 mark. Sounds like you had fun with it, though!
# 7 nyisles16 @ 03/26/08 10:22 AM
QOTD - Googled Madden rosters years back, went to a site, and in the thread is linked to OS.. rest is history
# 8 Behindshadows @ 03/26/08 10:37 AM
QOTD - Word of mouth! Was helping with rosters edits and a friend, told me to come here and help and post here, because the people were more appreciative.
# 9 Sandman42 @ 03/26/08 11:46 AM
QOTD - I think it was from the articles Shawn used to do on Xbox.com. I eventually clicked the link to OS after reading a couple of them.
# 10 Beantown @ 03/26/08 11:48 AM
QOTD - Saw a roster link at MaddenMania and came here. Who would've thought that MaddenMania would've followed suit? Hah.
# 11 chilli311 @ 03/26/08 08:01 PM
QOTD: Referred by Teemberland
# 12 the_future420 @ 03/27/08 11:04 AM
QOTD: Its been so long. I used to post on the IGN sports games board back around 01. Some of the posters there such as cookusu and shredder mentioned OS. I think I joined a bit before these particular boards were introduced. I remember there were different OS forums before these and everybody had to re-register.

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