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IGN has posted their hands-on preview of Top Spin 3.

"This owes itself to a new gameplay engine that's been, according to 2K developers, built from scratch in order to be more faithful and respectful to real-life tennis, while attempting to put more power in the user's hands to make specific types of shots. This, in our unskilled hands, meant that we hit lots of lob shots down the middle, and threw up a serve or two off our shoulder. Towards the end of our second match, though, we finally began to get the timing down and started to hit shots with slightly more force, albeit with little to no accuracy. For example, if we wanted to hit a groundstroke down the line with some force, we were forced to hit LB (to get to the proper angle to hit the shot) and immediately follow it with the left trigger and A, timed properly, using the left analog to place the shot. If you're better at video games than us, well, you will be able to do this before you finish two matches."

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# 1 Scott @ 03/27/08 02:43 PM
cannot wait for this game.
# 2 mgoblue @ 03/27/08 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Scott
cannot wait for this game.
It sounds promising how you have to determine whether or not to play a safe shot. I'm learning to play tennis in real life, and I quickly learned that you can't just try and hit that hard shot down the line all the time. You need to pick your openings and go.
# 3 eugreene2 @ 04/01/08 05:26 PM
So right Seymour ... they should at least give you the option
# 4 mgoblue @ 04/01/08 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
Sounds good but if with the crappy roster they better let us create players and use them in career mode where we can play against them.

2 other things are a must. 6 game sets in career mode. It's like playing 9 holes in TW or 5 inning games in the Show. Total game breaker for me. It should at least have an option for you to do it. In match saves are a must as well so you can enjoy those 6 game matches and not all in one sitting. If they don't have these then they won't be getting my money even if they do have online.
I think it was TS1, but man playing a tourney took like an hour and you couldn't save...it was a nightmare.

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