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IGN has posted the following WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 updates:
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    "Although it won't be formally announced until tomorrow, THQ has confirmed with IGN that the latest installment in the storied wrestling franchise will be making its way to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 2 and mobile devices this fall while boasting a bevy of bells and whistles."
  • Interview

    IGN: "Well talking about '09, you're always a very outspoken person, we love that. Tell us, what is the new feature for '09 that knocks your socks off personally."

    Cory Ledesma: "There are two big features that we're talking about at the announcement. We actually have a lot of the other features we're going to wait to reveal a little later on. I just want to stress that we're definitely going to have some cool surprises later on, but the two big features we're talking about now -- that I'm really excited about both -- is the first one is Create-A-Finisher."
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Member Comments
# 1 D.Winn @ 03/28/08 01:34 AM
I hope this version is more of an actual "wrestling" game lol. Instead of building on gimmicks, they should continue to add on to the little things. Either way i am excited about the announcement
# 2 CanuckJ @ 03/28/08 11:07 AM
create-a-finisher, THAT'S AWESOME
# 3 Millennium @ 03/28/08 03:00 PM
Didn't like this year's game, haven't really liked it for a few years. That being said, that trailer is hot...
# 4 Qb @ 03/29/08 01:31 AM
CAF sounds cool and if we will be able to DL wrestlers, well, thats just awesome. Hopefully the Road to Wrestlemania is all Ledesma makes it out to be and the other single player mode adds some replay value.
# 5 PlayaHataSupreme @ 03/30/08 01:45 PM
However, another mode that we're not discussing yet will be able to support a bunch more options for the players that like to have the free rein, the multiple decisions to use created elements in that mode, but we'll discuss it at a later point.
I'm anxious to know about this......... honestly could be the selling point for me if see the season mode remotely resembling HCTP with the involvement of created wrestlers in a season mode is in the game. I'm hoping this is what that means.
# 6 feeq14 @ 03/30/08 08:53 PM
Im sold. Ive been wanting a create a finisher since WCW Revenge. (IE when they started taking allot of the moves out of the game.
# 7 dansaint @ 03/31/08 10:48 PM
I also hope that the hidden characeters are tag teams (since that seems to be their focus this year). So we can get Demolition, The Rockers (with 80's Shawn Michaels), LOD, Brain Busters, Freebirds, Hart Foundation, etc.
# 8 CaptainZombie @ 03/31/08 11:03 PM
Originally Posted by dansaint
I also hope that the hidden characeters are tag teams (since that seems to be their focus this year). So we can get Demolition, The Rockers (with 80's Shawn Michaels), LOD, Brain Busters, Freebirds, Hart Foundation, etc.
Demolition would be awesome
# 9 CM Hooe @ 04/01/08 12:00 AM
I immediately want to try create-a-finisher.
# 10 jerseyboi2284 @ 04/01/08 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Krioniq
I immediately want to try create-a-finisher.
Your not the only one, I got ideas running through my head already. I've always wanted to see someone use a move I saw at an Indy show years and year ago I don't even remember the performers name:

He used a quick hammerlock then slammed the guy down face first in a modified forward Russian leg sweep with his arm still in the hammerlock, then as soon as he hit mat he let go of opponents arm sat on the opponents back using his weight to pin him down, grabbed under his chin in one armed choke hold with the other arm pulled his leg and proceeded to bend the opponent in half.....
# 11 jerseyboi2284 @ 04/01/08 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by MassNole
Creating CM Punk's Pepsi Plunge should be pretty easy to create (I hope).
hopefully we won't have to as they'll stop dropping moves and add the ones that matter....get the HINT THQ....
# 12 CM Hooe @ 04/01/08 11:40 PM
I just want to make a top-rope Tombstone Piledriver.
# 13 J_Posse @ 04/01/08 11:56 PM
Hopefully, we'll be able to accurately re-create finishing moves that are missing, there always is of course, like Big Show's Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, Kennedy's Mic Check, John Morrison's Corkscrew Neckbreaker and Undertaker's Gogoplata.

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