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GameShark has posted an interview with Rob Hawkey, Designer of Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars.

GameShark: "Are the player ratings for the hitters and pitchers the same as in the other versions of MLB 2K8 or does it use a different set of parameters?"

Rob: "We reduced the skills for players to 4 attributes to create a more arcade-style version of Baseball. These 4 attributes are batting, running, pitching and fielding. The higher your skill the better or faster you are at any of those 4 things. We wanted to be sure though that we matched the real world abilities of the players featured in our game. So we compiled a huge list of the player’s previous year’s statistics and created formulas to condense a player’s batting average into their batting skill and stats like stolen bases into their running skill. We found this worked very well and gave us a nice distribution of player skill. For pitching all pitchers are able to pitch all of the pitch types, it is up to the user to learn the appropriate gesture to trigger the pitch."

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