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Wil McCombs of Operation Sports has posted an article that poses the ultimate question, when is it acceptable to restart a game while playing sports games? Be sure to read it and chime in on your own suggestions.

"Itís acceptable in gentlemanly games of golf and darts. If youíre not playing for cash, it can be okay in pool as well. We often wish it was a possibility for first dates gone awry. But is it acceptable in sports gaming franchises?

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# 1 Trini G1aDiaToR @ 04/02/08 02:22 PM
Last night I was playing my MLB 2K8 franchise while trying to watch the Red Sox game on another TV at the same time. I was laughing to my self that Dice-K happened to be my starting pitcher on the same night that Dice-K was pitching in real life. But then I gave up back-to-back Homeruns because I wasn't paying enough attention to my game...

I ended up loosing, but I decided not to reset for the same reason you mentioned in your article: I have many more games left to play. Had it been NCAA Football or another football game you can bet that I would have reset with a quickness!

I can't lie, when I play a franchise by myself I tend to reset for all the reasons you mention and a few more. For example, if the game has pissed me off so much that I'm about to throw my controller through my TV, I'll usually just turn the game off and give myself some cool down time before coming back to it. I feel guilty for doing it, but I figure it's a lot better than looking like an *** in front of my wife while shelling out for a new TV.
# 2 ramenite @ 04/02/08 04:19 PM
Well, I don't reset, because otherwise what's the point? Given enough tries at games, I could go undefeated every year in a sports season.

There are times when it IS inevitable. The power goes out. The game crashes. If it's a technical reason, that's your only option TO finish.

Reality Check: Na. Think of it this way, if it happened FOR you, would you still reset it? You're in Game 7 of the Cup Finals in the last generation NHK 2k games. The puck does the too common "go in through the back of the net" to win the game for you. Resetting or not resetting are both options, as long as if you lost the same way, you would do the same thing.

Distractions. Nope. Distractions happen all the time when you play sports. You get different ones, but normally have the same result. I remember when I played goalie, I sneezed and let a puck in. I couldn't go up to the ref "hey I sneezed it shouldn' t count".

Happy Hour: simple, don't play drunk.

I can't think of any other variables. that would lend me to reset the game. You win some, and you lose some. Get over it.
# 3 BlyGilmore @ 04/03/08 11:16 AM
In most games there is no excuse and it should not be allowed.

The only exception I can think of is the "No F'ning Way", "Madden F" or "Madden Screw" game where the computer decided ahead of time there was no earthly way you were winning the game without resorting to cheating.

In that case, what's good for the goose is good for the gander IMO
# 4 Acid @ 04/03/08 11:26 AM
I don't reset, just seems like a huge waste of time to play the same game over again.

The Grandma's Boy quote at the end was awesome though, well done.
# 5 BlyGilmore @ 04/03/08 12:48 PM
Wil - how much do clothes cost in the Matrix?
# 6 FredoXV @ 04/07/08 07:32 AM
Bly, I'm thinking about getting metal legs. It's a risky operation, but it'll be worth it.
# 7 ZM Punk @ 04/08/08 06:35 PM
I can honestly say that I have never in my life restarted a game in any dynasty mode and its something I take immense pride in.

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