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IGN has posted their interview with Simon Humber, Producer of UEFA UERO 2008.

IGN: "This game is a halfway house between FIFA 08 and FIFA 09, and as a full price release how would you allay fears of people who may be skeptical of buying the game due to its shorter shelf life?"

Simon: "Personally, I'd buy it because it's the best game on the market. I realise that the tournament itself ends in June, but come July 1 it'll still be the best game on the market. We've got feedback from people who've played the demo and gone back to FIFA 08 and said they couldn't play it anymore, because they've got used to the increased responsiveness."

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# 1 Krebstar @ 04/09/08 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by ColumbusKilled
That sounds to be like he's basically saying

"FIFA is kind of a piece of crap that we rushed. We fixed some of its problems. Now give us $60 until September when you'll give us $60 more because UEFA will be unplayable"
I see it more like them saying we're really getting on track with the game engine. It's not as if they just used the PS2/Xbox engine on next gen, it takes time and as usual it seems like most gamers refuse to accept that.

FIFA 08 was an incredible step forward, and based on the demo of Euro 08, they're still going in the right direction.

I don't think it should be $60, though. In their minds, they know they can't really defend it being that much, either. It's going to be that much, though, so we might as well just accept it and be happy they seem to be moving in the proper direction.

I know EA bashing is in vogue, but we just also give them credit when they're putting out a good product. It seems that Euro 08 is going to be a step up from FIFA 08, which is huge.

By the way Steve, EURO, not UERO. You soccer *****.

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