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Outsourcing My Mojo has posted an interesting article entitled, EA Sports, Here is Some Free Mojo!

"Let me start of by saying Iíve been gaming for 20 years now. Iím not going to do the whole "justification" thing that bloggers do where they list every console they have ever owned and played. Mid 80's to present. Yeah I was playing them. Over the years I have enjoyed to occasional FPS or RPG but I have stayed in the genre of sports gaming for the most part. Baseball, football, hockey, basketball. My taste in games is in direct correlation with my taste in sports. Obviously with this in mind my heart is dedicated to baseball and football and I enjoy the others on an occasional basis. As a sports gamer, I have been and will be longing for that next release. that new upgraded version. Today i am going to be sending some MOJO in the direction of NFL Football Video games. Otherwise known as Madden NFL Football."

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# 1 twenty3 @ 04/07/08 10:06 PM
# 2 NYG_Meth @ 04/08/08 09:01 AM
Great ideas. If only these things would be implemented...
# 3 SageInfinite @ 04/08/08 01:12 PM
This guy has the right idea. Sounds like a football gamers dreams.
# 4 J-Unit40 @ 04/08/08 10:14 PM
Nice little write-up. Total immersion in a game is what this sports-gamer is looking for. I'm interested to read his thoughts on gameplay and user customization.
# 5 Stroehms @ 04/08/08 10:47 PM
damn that sounds good. EA would have to totally scrap their presentation to get that in there.
# 6 HealyMonster @ 04/09/08 11:35 AM
# 7 NYG_Meth @ 04/10/08 09:58 AM
I like this guy.
# 8 HealyMonster @ 04/11/08 10:04 AM
# 9 Kccitystar @ 04/11/08 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by Renegade44
That TruSim idea is GENIUS. Why can't ALL sports games have this feature?
# 10 SageInfinite @ 04/11/08 09:14 PM
Another excellent post
# 11 deebo2246 @ 04/11/08 10:20 PM
Somebody call EA and tell them just do an update for the rosters this year and hire this guy as their new producer. This needs to be implemented by next year or they are going to feel it more than ever in sales if they put out the same stale NFL experience.
# 12 superjames1992 @ 04/12/08 12:08 PM
All of these are great ideas, though I seriously doubt it would be possible to get these features in a game in the short 1 year timeframe developers have to work with.Plus, the disk can only hold so much information, even on next-gen systems. I wish some of these would be implemented at least, though.
# 13 HealyMonster @ 07/12/08 09:51 AM
thank you to whoever posted on the blog and called me a D-Bag and did it anonymously. that was cool. I know they are from here cause the called me renegade. thank you.

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