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The Brainy Gamer has posted an article entitled, What Do Simulations Simulate?

"If I want to pretend I'm a professional athlete - or if I simply wish to play a realistic game of football, baseball or golf - Madden, MLB 2K and Tiger Woods have me covered. All provide incredibly lifelike simulations, and each is chock-full of features and play modes.

But none of them are actually designed to let me play a simulated game as Peyton, Ichiro, or Tiger. Instead, they all offer me a simulated television broadcast of a game featuring Peyton, Ichiro, or Tiger. I may choose Tiger as my avatar, but the game is more interested in presenting me with helicopter hole fly-bys, incessant play-by-play chatter and commentary, instant replays, and corporate logos on everything but the trees. What is being simulated isn't really golf at all, but instead a golf show in which I'm the celebrity sports star."

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# 1 superjames1992 @ 04/07/08 04:11 PM
Like the picture of Railroad Tycoon II. That is one awesome game.
# 2 allBthere @ 04/07/08 05:41 PM

But what do arcade games simulate? Sim gamers hope to control many elements within a sports game so that the gameplay and outcome is BELIEVABLE.
This would be the best and most logical option given that we don't have peripheral vision playing a console videogame. Forza 2 w/ the 4 tv set up is the closest (and least likely) set up for something simulating the real thing. Until we can place our whole body or trick our mind into a whole-body experience, actual simulation of what it's like to be The tight end for the colts isn't possible. I think the whole 'sim' crowd has a good grasp on what it wants and believes to be 'sim'.

Continuing on the path we are on (simulating games with real-world rules) as a whole may actually help gameplanning and coaching in the future because you could simulate endless possibilities. But to say that it's simply simulating a tv broacast is to cheapen the experience to me, especially since YOU are the deciding factor in what happens.

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