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Not a lot going on, other than just hearing about a friend of mine that passed away. Although we haven't kept in touch over the years, he was one of my good friends. It's hard to imagine that he is no longer with us. To think it could have been a different story, read the following link, if you are interested.

RIP to my friend, Jeremy Miller. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Do you still keep in touch with most of your high school friends?
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# 1 Cyros @ 04/09/08 07:22 AM
QOTD: Yeah, but we're only about 2 years removed. That, and I have facebook for the ones I was more acquaintences with.

Also, being jailed for a case of soda after you've already spent $150 on groceries?
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 04/09/08 07:35 AM
QOTD: Funny you ask that because I just joined Facebook this week and was in contact with some I hadn't talked to in years. In person, I only keep in contact with a few. One I play basketball with every week, but we don't do much else together. Another lives in Myrtle Beach and I only see him when he comes home twice a year. My best friend from HS is in the process of moving from Columbus to Phoenix, so I probably won't be seeing too much of him, though we'll still keep in touch.
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 04/09/08 07:42 AM
Whats up? Just takin a day off work to do some wedding stuff with my fiancee.

QOTD: I have found a few of them using Facebook, but i went to a small private high school (64 in my graduating class) and i purposely dont talk to alot of them. You know too much about everyone, it stifles growth. This year will be my 10 year reunion and im debating goin back
# 4 Pete1210 @ 04/09/08 07:51 AM
QOTD: No, but then I graduated HS in 1979.
# 5 aukevin @ 04/09/08 08:43 AM
Sorry to hear about your friend Steve, that's a shame.

QOTD: I really don't keep up with anybody from my old high school days. I went to high school with my roommate at Auburn, so we still talk from time to time and I see him when I go back home, but that's about it. I don't have a myspace or facebook page, maybe if I did I'd know what a few of my old classmates were doing.
# 6 nyisles16 @ 04/09/08 08:53 AM
QOTD - only one - my best friend. I have tried to find a good friend of mine who moved away after senior year of HS. We kept in touch the first two years of college, but lost touch after that..
# 7 Brandwin @ 04/09/08 08:58 AM
QOTD: I keep up with a few. Two of my best friends are former classmates from Elementary through High School and we are still best friends to this day. A couple of my other friends are guys from high school as well, so yes I do keep up with them.

It's been almost 9 years since I graduated too.
# 8 SPTO @ 04/09/08 09:04 AM

Let's just say HS was not a fun time for moi.
# 9 Nomah5 @ 04/09/08 10:12 AM
Steve: Condolences to you. I read that article...good lawsuit coming its way towards to the DC Fire/Safety department.
# 10 MachoMyers @ 04/09/08 11:13 AM
Sorry to hear Steve, thats terrible.

QOTD: I have moved around so much to many different countries so I rarely stay in touch with college friends. High school friends - definitely not.
# 11 Cletus @ 04/09/08 11:39 AM
The only friend from my high school days I even talk to anymore (I don't count facebook and myspace comments) is my best friend who I didn't go to school with. He was my boss at my first job and fired me.
# 12 Scott @ 04/09/08 11:55 AM
QOTD: Maybe only like one or two of my close friends from HS
# 13 racerx @ 04/09/08 04:02 PM
QOTD: The last time I spoke with a High School friend was about 4 years ago.
# 14 davin @ 04/09/08 05:21 PM
QOTD: No, but I saw 3 people from my highschool today in a span of about 30 seconds. At a place like Ohio State, that kind of caught me off guard.
# 15 countryboy @ 04/09/08 05:43 PM
QOTD: The group that I hung out with in HS is still intact to an extent. We live within 45 minutes of each other and get together a couple of times a year.

And I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Steve.
# 16 Chaos81 @ 04/09/08 05:50 PM
QOTD: Nope. Haven't talked to any of them in 6-7 years, and I graduated in 2000.
# 17 chilli311 @ 04/09/08 07:51 PM
QOTD: Only 3 people, although, I'm drifting out of touch with one of them...

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