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Peter Moore has updated his blog with a quick Madden 09 and NBA Live 09 Q&A, he entitles Cheating, Hot Zones and Approachability.

Reader: "Ron says, “ Mr. Moore, I recall in an interview with Game Informer you mentioned something along the lines of making Madden more playable for casual gamers. Is there way to customize the engine to satisfy the casual as well as the hardcore gamer who wants more simulation and realism? For instance why not just create a separate arcade mode for the casual user who knows very little about football. This can possibly perhaps increase your sales which from what I understand decreased last year."

Peter Moore: "Great question, Ron. I’ll take this one first. I’m passionate about making our games more approachable without “dumbing down” the experience. Sometimes that means new modes (as you point out), sometimes that means creating different control schemes (as we did last year with Family Play on our Wii games), but it’s also very important that this also mean creating approachability in our core game experiences as well. Tuning our games to be fun and approachable regardless of what your skill level is at first and making them adapt to meet your skill level."

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# 1 yamabushi @ 04/10/08 11:14 AM
I cant get to the full article (Thanks! work filters!) but from that quote alone, yeah, theyre dumbing it down.

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