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Wildbillschiefs have posted their Q&A session with Josh Looman, Lead Designer of NFL Head Coach 09.

Wildbillschiefs: "Last time, it seemed to easy to spend big bucks in free agency without facing any real salary CAP repercussions. Has CAP management been made more realistic this time around and in what ways?"

Josh Looman: "We’re still tuning cap management at this point, but yes it will be much harder to spend tons of money on players year in and year out. Our contracts are much more realistic this time around and incentives play a big part, also."

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# 1 Kevin26385 @ 04/15/08 09:29 PM
Have they said anything about halftime?

That would be great if we could get in the locker room and motivate our players.
# 2 Danimal @ 04/15/08 09:58 PM
That's a pretty good Q&A it answered some questions I had. I'm really excited about this game.
# 3 Step2001 @ 04/15/08 10:27 PM
Bingo, three of my top questions answered.


DB: When you place a player on I.R. does it open up a roster spot? JL: "Yes. We’ve addressed the issues that have occurred with Injured Reserve in the past. They were mainly due to not having expanded rosters, so now you can have 20 guys on IR and still field a full healthy team."

DB: There's some growing concern that in NFL Head Coach '09, you can carry a roster of 75 players for pre-season, but have to cut down to 45 instead of 53 for the regular season. Is this accurate? JL: "No. You cut down to 53 at the start of the regular season and then decide which 45 players to dress each week."

DB: Do you also get to carry a practice squad of seven players? Looman: "Practice Squad was something that did not make it into this year’s version. It was between Cut Days and Expanded Rosters or Practice Squad and we chose the former."

This a great info loaded interview!

This game blows Madden away when it comes to realistic off the field stuff.

Now it just comes down to whether this game delivers everything EA claims.

# 4 Step2001 @ 04/17/08 08:49 AM
Let's go for the bonus round here:

During the Draft or Season, will we be able to trade future Draft Choices?
# 5 Kanobi @ 04/17/08 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by Step2001
Let's go for the bonus round here:

During the Draft or Season, will we be able to trade future Draft Choices?
# 6 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 04/17/08 01:51 PM
No Practice Squad? Bust... But expanded rosters is awesome
# 7 coogrfan @ 04/18/08 08:46 AM
Very informative article, thanks for sharing.

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