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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 04/18/08 07:03 AM
QOTD: This weekend = more yardwork and The Show, and i hope thats it. I need to relax after starting new job.
# 2 ndeezlo @ 04/18/08 07:07 AM
QOTD: Watching the sporgy that is MLB, NHL Playoffs and NBA Playoffs, maybe seeing Sarah Marshall and playing a lot of Call of Duty 4.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 04/18/08 07:20 AM
QOTD: The wife is in Montreal for a spring break girls' trip, so I'll be watching plenty of NBA playoffs. Probably will rent a movie tonight. Going to the Cavs/Wiz game tomorrow.
# 4 nyisles16 @ 04/18/08 09:14 AM
QOTD- Working..
# 5 ProfessaPackMan @ 04/18/08 10:27 AM
QOTD-Probably wash my car,Work,NBA Playoffs.

Probably the best weekend I've had in a minute
# 6 davin @ 04/18/08 10:58 AM
QOTD: Spending as much time away from my dorm as possible with the room situation on fire. I'm getting out of here for most of the weekend, but staying in Columbus. Going to see a baseball game tonight, then the OSU spring game tomorrow. Pretty excited.
# 7 Scott @ 04/18/08 11:33 AM
QOTD: Just gonna be catching up on some yard work and watching some NBA Playoffs.
# 8 SPTO @ 04/18/08 12:34 PM
QOTD: Gonna watch the movies someone sent me. (no it's not porn you sickos)

I might go out and about as well and soak up some of this warm weather.
# 9 Acid @ 04/18/08 12:35 PM
QOTD: Work today, indoor soccer semi-finals tonight (looking to repeat as champions). Work tomorrow, probably a party at night. Sunday, not sure.

I think I'll be seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend too.
# 10 aukevin @ 04/18/08 01:04 PM
QOTD: I've got a pretty big weekend coming up. For almost a year now, I've been doing agility training with my Boston Terrier and this weekend will be our first agility trial. There are six events we are taking part in over Saturday and Sunday, so that will keep up pretty busy.

Other than that, I have a MLB The Show league game to get in and I have Juno on Blu-ray from Blockbuster to watch. Should be a busy but fun weekend.
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 04/18/08 01:42 PM
Work to get ready for the end of the semester. It's a bitch.
# 12 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 04/18/08 02:13 PM
QOTD: Even though i dont like baseball that much, Im going to the Angels game tonight with some friends. Thatll be fun i guess
# 13 DTX3 @ 04/18/08 04:30 PM
QOTD: Going to watch either 88 minutes or Street Kings tonight, tomorrow the UFC fight, Sunday Lakers-Nuggets
# 14 TIm @ 04/18/08 06:43 PM
QOTD: Drink heavily!!!! yardwork tomorrow movies tomorrow night and work on Sunday

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