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    "One of the neatest additions to Race Driver: GRID is a small one. When you first setup your profile you will enter a profile name. In this instance we entered 'Luke' of course. Throughout the races and during cut scenes the game will actually say your name, rather naturally too. So rather than hearing "great racing" the player will actually hear "great racing Luke". We didn't do too much fiddling around with this feature, but it's a very clever little addition that certainly makes the comments seem a little more personal."
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    "One thing that no serious racing game has offered before is the ability to rewind time. We saw a similar feature in SEGA's Full Auto games, and here the so called Flashback feature lets you have a second chance at taking a nasty corner or avoiding a pile up. You can't use it whenever you like though as you're limited to a set number of uses per race, and you'll gain cash bonuses for not using them at all. It's certainly a nice addition, but the need to enter a replay menu by pressing Back (not just hold down a button to rewind time instantly) currently feels a little clunky."

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