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1up has posted their preview of Race Driver: GRID.

"In its current state, GRID comes up short on two basic fundamentals it absolutely must nail to hit its goal. The handling feels artificial and lacks feedback on how the car is responding to the combination of your input and road conditions."

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# 1 Kruza @ 04/22/08 08:16 AM
Garnett Lee's comments on car handling and responsiveness (lack of grip, momentum, traction, etc.) are interesting to note. But after reading deeper into what this is saying, it just seems to me like he has a heavy hand and has trouble "feathering" the left stick left/right steering the car into and out of corners. And I find it odd he didn't mention which cars (if not all) behaved in that fashion while playing. With various type of cars in the game that represents different styles of driving, it would've been good for Lee to be more specific on which ones he thought were off.


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