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# 1 hdaniel1 @ 04/25/08 12:01 AM
If anyone is reading this thread, I have a question for you guys.

Since rarely, barely anyone replies to my hot links I post, and Steve gets a lot of responses since he has his QOTD, I am think of ceasing/discontinuing my hotlinks due to "lack of replies".

So my question is, you want me to discontinue my hot links?
# 2 PVarck31 @ 04/25/08 12:42 AM
NO NO NO. Keep them going. I read every night. I usually don't post but I def read.
# 3 Scott @ 04/25/08 12:44 AM
Please continue, I also read them every night..I'll start providing responses as well.
# 4 SPTO @ 04/25/08 12:56 AM
I check it out once in a while

Hmm surprised that NYC transit is still so highly ranked. Toronto's used to be one of the best in the world but penny pinching, disrepair and strikes have really tarnished the TTC's reputation.
# 5 SpacemanSpiff @ 04/25/08 02:12 AM
Keep it, I love this as much as Steve's links. i'll even promise to respond once in a while.

Maybe you can throw out a QOTN or just a random thought that we can comment on.
# 6 Steve_OS @ 04/25/08 04:43 AM
QOTN sounds like a great idea.
# 7 Cyros @ 04/25/08 05:19 AM
Keep 'em coming.
# 8 koebner @ 04/25/08 05:25 AM
I always check 'em out.
# 9 Eton Rifles @ 04/25/08 09:22 AM
I have been on Hong Kong's system a few times. It is amazing to use the "Octopus" card and pay for the ride as well as paying for Mcdoanld's and 7-11 too.
# 10 aukevin @ 04/25/08 09:52 AM
I look forward to this post a lot hdaniel, please continue them. You probably don't get the replies because there is no question asked like in Steve's because that is what most of his replies are in the morning thread.

I do really enjoy these threads and reading the news you find.
# 11 Chaos81 @ 04/25/08 12:56 PM
I read them as well.

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