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Looking forward to the Pistons beating the Sixers tonight. I still think the Sixers win one more game, but it's not going to be tonight.

Yard work and setting up RAID 0 on my PC is what I'll be up to this weekend. Setting up the RAID 0 supposedly gives me better quality when capturing videos of beta 360 games. Need to install another 2 GB of RAM as well. Should be a monster of a system after I reinstall the OS and apps.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 04/25/08 06:43 AM
QOTD; NFL DRAFT!!! Thats all ill be doing Sat and Sun. Before that, gunna Rock Band with my fiancee and some friends
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 04/25/08 07:28 AM
Monday already?! Don't take away my weekend Steve.

Boy the Cavs laid a real egg last night. Not surprising the way this team has been up and down all year. Hopefully, they can bounce back on Sunday.

QOTD: Besides nervously watching the Cavs on Sunday, not a whole lot. Hopefully, our front porch awning will be installed today (they never showed up yesterday), so the wife and I can hang out there tonight. Might go see Harold and Kumar 2 sometime this weekend.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 04/25/08 07:36 AM
Doh! Fixed the day, thanks Boom!

Ah yes, definitely watching the draft this weekend as well. Can't wait to see what the Boys have up their sleeves.
# 4 ndeezlo @ 04/25/08 07:45 AM
QOTD: NBA and NHL Playoffs, going to my cousin's lacrosse game on Saturday. I hate the NFL draft it is so boooorrrring and over-hyped, I'll just check in Sunday night and see which busts the Lions drafted this year.
# 5 CM Hooe @ 04/25/08 08:15 AM
QOTD: The NFL Draft, particularly with the outside chance of two UVa alumni (Chris Long and Branden Albert) going within the first five picks.
# 6 slickdtc @ 04/25/08 08:25 AM
QOTD: Not much, I'll check out the NFL Draft, probably play a lot of street hockey (that's been the thing around here recently), and relax. Should be a good weekend.
# 7 SpacemanSpiff @ 04/25/08 08:27 AM
Pirates-Phillies game today, watching NFL draft, and maybe thinking about catching Harold and Kumar 2 or Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
# 8 Acid @ 04/25/08 09:16 AM
QOTD: Class and work today, soccer tonight. Work tomorrow, probably a party afterwards. Sunday, homework and going to dinner for my Aunt's birthday.
# 9 callmegoose @ 04/25/08 09:16 AM
Gonna watch the Draft, my Tribe take on the hated yankees at the Jake and watch the Cavs.
# 10 Scott @ 04/25/08 10:56 AM
QOTD: Gonna do some yard work and watch the Draft..
# 11 Chaos81 @ 04/25/08 01:03 PM
QOTD: Heading out to Kansas Speedway for the racing this weekend. ARCA Re/Max today, Craftsman Truck Series tomorrow, and the IRL on Sunday. Other than that, I'll probably be sleeping and/or watching the NFL Draft.
# 12 SPTO @ 04/25/08 01:24 PM
QOTD: Watching the draft, eating baked chicken and pining for GTA IV. I may watch some of that programming on G4 on Sunday.

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