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As part of the discussion surrounding the Best Sports Game Tournament, some members of Operation Sports began to wonder "who's the best player in sports video game history?"

Well, its time for the staff of Operation Sports to answer that very question with one rule - you can't say Bo Jackson from either of the first two Tecmo Bowls. There are videos all over YouTube showing his cyber prowess.

But who else was almost as dominant as Bo? Click here to read more.

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# 1 Acid @ 04/25/08 09:28 PM
Hate to keep bringing these up, but you guys really need to pay attention when you edit the articles.

The only downside to QB Eagles was that he was injury prone. The reset botton was pushed one too many times after scrambling for big yardage and then finding out that he wasn't getting back up.
# 2 thebigcheese918 @ 04/26/08 11:40 AM
that was a nice article, I also thought that in ncaa 08 using the wildcat with mcfadden was pretty impossible. Adrian Peterson was pretty unstoppable after roster updates in madden, they just need to hurry and get him on the cover so that he will have crazy stats.
# 3 ehh @ 04/28/08 08:46 AM
Interesting that no basketball players are in the discussion, I'm sure part of that was Jordan and Shaq being left out of a ton of games in the 90's.
# 4 aukevin @ 04/28/08 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by MassNole
Do you not remember they had God, aka Mark Bavaro at TE?
Bavaro was great in TB.

I remember Dominique Wilkins had a pretty awesome dunk from the 3-point line in one of the old Sega games. I think it was just a playoff team format or something so not all the teams were represented, but each team had a star like Wilkins or Jordan and each one had their own special move. Wilkins was the 3-point line dunk which I used all the time to beat my brother, LOL.
# 5 madscientist @ 04/28/08 11:23 AM
Jordan in Tecmo Basketball. He was unstoppable in my hands.
# 6 thaSLAB @ 04/28/08 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by MassNole
IIRC in Tecmo Bowl the Giants had a play where Mark Bavaro was uncoverable. Even if you picked that play the route he ran couldn't be intercepted and once he caught the ball he was a beast to take down as he had near Bo Jackson like break tackle ability. By himself he made the Giants offense almost unstoppable and generally lead to a lot of 'house rules' against that one play.

The 49ers also had a similar player with Roger Craig out of the backfield that was completely undefendable.
LOL, I remember both plays well... if you had the right LB and DE combo, you could stop the Craig play. The Bavaro play was pretty much unstoppable. (I think we had a rule against that play too!)

As far as Tecmo Bowl - Kevin Mack was beastly, along with Eric Dickerson (if you happened to have the version with him on the Colts) who would run out of any blitz...LOL.

Tecmo Super Bowl - I made many friends cry with Christian Okoye. The 49ers as a whole, were illegal on there too.

As far as next-gen games - Earl Campbell on APF2K8 did WHATEVER he wanted to do before the patch...LOL
# 7 BlyGilmore @ 04/28/08 02:41 PM
Yeah Campbell was a beast. It usually a red flag for game developers when the game was designed for people to mix and match stars but 90 percent of the teams had one guy.
# 8 Pared @ 04/29/08 10:38 AM
Walter Payton in Tecmo Bowl.
# 9 CMH @ 05/10/08 05:07 PM
Chris Childs in NBA Live 96. Trust me. Just drive in for a layup and watch the magic happen.

Ryan Klesko and Jim Leyritz in Tony La Russa Baseball '95 (Genesis). Home runs galore. I once hit 28 homeruns in 24 games with Klesko. Had 15 with Leyritz in 20+ games. Those are just small examples. The players were nearly unstoppable in exhibition games as well. There were others with this power glitch but those are the only two I discovered as I played a lot with the Braves and Yankees.

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