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Shawn Drotar over at 5W-G has posted their review of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

"The game’s AI, especially in specific races, is robotic in nature at times. In one race - an odd-but-fun single-lap affair where I had to pass 15 cars - I tried over and over, knowing that the white Renault in front of me would slide to the left halfway down the opening straightaway and the sporty blue sedan would cut the first turn sharply, diving into it and making it difficult to pass."

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# 1 inkcil @ 04/26/08 07:22 PM
LOL ...I remember the race he mentioned in the quote...theat blue car kept getting in my way too. HA!

Anyway, I still love racing the Corvette I earned!
# 2 Addy @ 04/26/08 11:59 PM
Yes the AI is scripted, if you pause and restart you can plot your way through like Bill Murray in Groundhog day.

But you can exit out of the event and reload it and it will likely be a different script.

If you make contact with the AI they react dynamically, it’s not they are completely oblivious to your presence, just close to it.

I’ve yet to see stellar AI in any racing sim. They all fail in some fashion. They either have their own set of physics and are artificially fast, they ram you like you are not there, there’s comeback code etc.

This is my 1st experience with GT, and I knew it was a hybrid of arcade aspects and simulation. But the “missions” where you have to pass 15 cars in 1-5 laps is way too arcade for me. Let me qualify and compete hammer and tong for a few precious positions instead of blowing past a convoy of cars that encourages bad racing behavior.

I really enjoy the game but it’s going to boil down to what every racing game I’ve played in the last 5 years and that’s online play. That too is lacking now with no qualifying and now way to run private races. Private rooms and voice chat have been promised and are sorely needed.

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