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Reuters, along with various publications and sites such as Operation Sports have been attending an event up at the EA Vancouver studios. At the event Reuters had a chance to talk with Peter Moore, the head of EA Sports, about how the company plans to approach the marketplace moving forward.

The Nintendo Wii seems to be Peter Moore's main focus in terms of expanding EA Sports' marketplace, and he wants to build upon certain initiatives such as the "Family Play" feature found in certain Wii sports games, and the very recent reorganization within EA to create the new sub-brand called Freestyle.

It appears that the "Family Play" feature will be re-branded as "All-Play" and now won't be just in select EA Sports games such as Madden 2008, but rather in every EA Sports game that graces the Nintendo Wii. Also the Freestyle brand will publish sports games that don't fall into the "simulation" realm; the first published title being FaceBreaker this September.

Core gamers shouldn't be too concerned though since Mr. Moore doesn't plan on changing the simulation games, he simply wants to expand the user base on the Wii:
"While we have no intention whatsoever of dumbing down the experience that we all love and that drives this multibillion dollar business ... we need to make sports games more approachable"
It has been a busy few days for EA Sports and media-wise it's going to continue to be so. Folks should check back as more updates and fresh videogame news starts to pop up from the event in the coming days.

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# 1 yamabushi @ 05/07/08 07:02 PM
A party machine needs party games....
But good luck on your snipe hunt Peter, your gonna need it.
# 2 Thrash13 @ 05/07/08 11:37 PM
Yet Fight Night Round 4 is only coming to the PS3 and XBox 360. I don't get it....

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