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Miss me? Damn Pistons...

Man, the flights were some kind of crazy. Going to Vancouver, it was just uncomfortable, as I had to sit next to a fat lady that never stopped eating. Had a small delay in Chicago, but fairly smooth otherwise. Coming back last night/this morning was another story. As getting on at Vancouver was a breeze, but transferring in San Francisco was a disaster. After waiting for a part they claimed they had to "PULL OFF OF ANOTHER AIRPLANE"?!?!? they let us board. Already the flight was delayed an hour and a half. Then, when we were on the plane, they said it would be a few minutes as they work an electrical problem. Well, after 2 more hours we were finally off. I didn't get a wink of sleep as the turbulance was a killer.

Just got home and I am totally exhausted. I'll get the morning news up, then work on getting some media together. Just an FYI, a lot of it is embargoed until a later date, but I'll get some good stuff up hopefully, fairly soon.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What game are you most interested in me talking about?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 05/08/08 10:50 AM
Glad you're back safely Steve. I had trouble getting my day going without the Morning News (though hdaniel's Links and QOTD helped me get through it).

QOTD: Madden 09. I wasn't going to buy it, but they are suckering me back in with the videos and "new" features.
# 2 ProfessaPackMan @ 05/08/08 10:50 AM
# 3 RGiles36 @ 05/08/08 10:50 AM
QOTD: Madden of course lol. How long is the embargo if you can comment on that?
# 4 Scott @ 05/08/08 10:51 AM
QOTD: NCAA 09 & Madden 09.
# 5 Acid @ 05/08/08 10:53 AM
# 6 MachoMyers @ 05/08/08 11:06 AM
Anything but Madden.
# 7 slickdtc @ 05/08/08 11:07 AM
QOTD: Madden 09. I'm still on the original XBOX, but I'm always intrigued to see when EA Sports is finally going to use the power of these next generation consoles. They seem to only have boosted the graphics and added a few things here or there when they could make a major splash by really revamping everything. It's not like the sales will go down even if the game sucks.
# 8 nyisles16 @ 05/08/08 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by Acid
Soccer.. who talks about soccer??

QOTD - NHL 09, Madden 09
# 9 jaosming @ 05/08/08 11:18 AM
QOTD - Live, anything you could tell us would be great since we dont have any concrete info on that yet.
# 10 Cletus @ 05/08/08 11:29 AM
Tecmo Bowl Kickoff
# 11 racerx @ 05/08/08 12:09 PM
Ncaa 09
# 12 cristane @ 05/08/08 12:39 PM
# 13 rockchisler @ 05/08/08 01:20 PM
Nba Live 09
# 14 ndeezlo @ 05/08/08 01:28 PM
Live, somebody from EA got interviewed on The Sports Guys Anomoly Podcast and said to look out for Live, so I'm interested in that.
# 15 callmetaternuts @ 05/08/08 01:40 PM
Glad you made it back alright, sucks you had delays though.

QOTD: NCAA 09, Madden 09, Metal Gear, GTA, The SHow.........need more?
# 16 Dice @ 05/08/08 04:26 PM
Head Coach!
# 17 PVarck31 @ 05/08/08 04:45 PM
I would really like to hear about NBA Live 09. Also did you actually get to play the games? If so does any of the games have a different feel to them?
# 18 rock85 @ 05/08/08 10:03 PM

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