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Glancing through the latest issue of my Nintendo Power magazine (June issue, cartoon Aerosmith on the cover) I came across a FaceBreaker (Wii) preview. Chris Hoffman of Nintendo Power sat down with EA Canada producer Trey Smith to discuss the upcoming arcade boxing game, and also tried to find out what Wii owners can expect when they pick up the game late this year.

Since FaceBreaker will be coming to the 360/PS3 a few months before it hits the Wii, Nintendo owners may want to know about the Wii vs. 360/PS3 differences -- controls aside. The first difference Trey Smith cites, is a graphical one: "The characters' muscles are actually more defined than in other versions of FaceBreaker."

In general the character models and arenas will be even more stylized on the Wii as well, which I believe tends to be a smart move when you have less graphical punch than the competitors. Also since FaceBreaker (Wii) will be in development for a longer period of time, those who wait for the Wii version also will have access to exclusive boxer outfits.

Each fighter will have exclusive outfits not found on other systems.
Check out the June 2008 issue of Nintendo Power to read the entire FaceBreaker story (p.72-74). There's also a feature about Wii Fit (p.64-67) if that's more your style.

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