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All I have to say is there is a lot of news tonight. I just hope I am not posting the same stuff, my head is spinning!
  • QOTN: Do you eat breakfast in the morning?

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# 1 Scott @ 05/09/08 12:34 AM
QOTN: If I have time..
# 2 SPTO @ 05/09/08 12:36 AM
QOTN: Nope, I do tend to eat a lot of snacks during the day and have dinner around 4:30-5:00 PM and eat more snacks before bed.
# 3 SpacemanSpiff @ 05/09/08 02:29 AM
QOTN: I try, but it's hard to not be lazy. I eat breakfast in streaks.
# 4 Hoos @ 05/09/08 02:54 AM
I work midnights so my meal eating schedule has been F'd up for a few months now. Plus I work a part-time job on the side so I stay confused with time, meals and just about everything in life.

I guess I maybe eat breakfast a few days a week, don't know Let's just say that's how often I eat "breakfast type" food...LOL

Sucks working this shift but that's what you get when you volunteer
# 5 boomhauertjs @ 05/09/08 07:26 AM
QOTD: A bowl of instant oatmeal every morning.

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