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In between the megaton of rain we've had over the past few days, I did some yard work and threw up the ADT signs. Visited my mom for Mother's Day and saw my uncle in the hospital, he seems to be doing much better. I can't say the same about my grandma, we are all praying for her.

I'm looking at getting another motorcycle, as the gas prices continue to soar, I'm going to get one. As some of you already knew, I had my last bike stolen a few years back. This one will be kept locked up at a local storage location, so I shouldn't have an issue.

I'll be catching up at my real job today, but I will try to get some EA previews up later this evening, but can't promise anything. I didn't get a lot of hands on anyways, so there won't be much information, but I do have a few little nuggets.

What's up with you?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 05/12/08 10:21 AM
Pretty good. Got a bunch of yard work done on a beautiful Saturday. Went to a fundraiser for my wife's school so I missed the Cavs game (they are 2-0 in playoff games I haven't watched, so I'm wondering if I should stop watching). Yesterday, went to my parents' and my grandma's for Mother's Day.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 05/12/08 11:02 AM
QOTD: Played golf, didnt play too bad, but got a ton of sun (in Florida). Watched soem golf, some basketball, played some Show, not too bad
# 3 Scott @ 05/12/08 12:21 PM
QOTD: Saw Iron Man, watched some basketball..overall good weekend.

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