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I played a ton of GTA IV over the weekend. I find it absolutely hilarious when Nico is totally wasted when he steps out of the bar. I find it kind of funny when you go on a date to the bar, that Nico is wasted and the date is not. It makes it like his date drank him under the table!
  • QOTN: Have you ever been totally wasted at a bar? (Sorry, I just have to ask this question!)

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# 1 SPTO @ 05/12/08 11:29 PM
QOTN: nope, i'm such a bland guy that the hardest thing I drink is a screwdriver.
# 2 Beantown @ 05/12/08 11:47 PM
QOTD: Yes, and I'm only 19, haha.

The GH IV (aKa Rock Band rip-off) peaked my interest, though.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 05/13/08 07:43 AM
I'd be interested in GH IV if I can use my Rock Band equipment.

QOTD: Probably at least once a weekend my junior and senior years of college.
# 4 Scott @ 05/13/08 02:00 PM
QOTN: Unfortunately Yes..and that led to a DWI

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