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Eurogamer has posted the following updates for Pure:
  • Pure Preview

    "And it's fast. The demo level we're shown gets right to it. There are 16 racers on the screen, and the player's rider is bouncing around and twisting the handlebars to steer (we later sit through a lecture about how the bike and machine are treated as separate objects, which helps), dirt is flying up in his wake and the barren, mountainous environment is convincing enough to bring back memories of bygone holidays. Suddenly he's in the air. The camera pans out and ground disappears, as does the music and audio in favour of a falling-bomb whistling sound. If you've ever jumped off a rooftop in Assassin's Creed, you know the feeling; breathtaking, and still on a small scale relative to perils buried deeper in the game. All the while we sit there gawping at this, however, our demonstrator is doing handstands on his quad-bike."
  • Pure "exactly the same" on PS3, 360

    "It's the same; exactly the same," Jason Avent assured us. "I'd say around January time we had all the functionality in the PS3 version that we had in the 360.

    "Now we've got them both running and 30 frames per second is our target. It does dip down, but we've got months to optimise it. We do side-by-side comparisons just like you guys do."

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