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Below is a massive list of websites with Skate It updates:
  • First Look (GameSpot - Wii)

    "The Wii version will also support the balance board bundled alongside Nintendo's Wii Fit. This peripheral merely takes the place of using the remote to steer and do manuals. You place the balance board on the ground lengthwise just like a real skateboard."
  • Video Interview (GameSpot - Wii)
  • Preview (GameSpy - Wii)

    "Blackwood treated the audience to a rather hilarious video of a faux news broadcast in the vein of Skate's stellar opening movie. San Vanelona, it seems, has been hit with a number of natural disasters that borders on Biblical proportions."
  • Screenshots (GameSpy - DS)
  • Preview (GameSpy - DS)

    "Unlike the Wii, Nintendo's portable platform has a wealth of great skateboarding games. Vicarious Visions' Tony Hawk titles have excelled in spite of the mediocre performance of their console counterparts."
  • Hands On Preview (IGN - DS)

    "For the Nintendo DS, the developer's using the touch screen as if it's an analog stick…but instead of using your thumb, you're using the stylus."
  • Screenshots (IGN - Wii)
  • Hands On Preview (IGN - Wii)

    "The Wii version is being developed in a partnership between Black Box and EA Montreal, in a development that's based around Skate on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."
  • Hands On Preview (Joystiq - Wii)

    "EA claims that it went through several possible control schemes before settling on the present one, and we're glad the others got kicked to the curb."
  • Preview (1up - DS)

    "EA simply shouldn't have shown the DS version, though. While the basic ideas were in place -- touching a skateboard on the DS' screen to move while performing tricks with slashing and drawing motions -- the controls weren't consistent, the movement was buggy, there was clipping, and the game generally wasn't fun."
  • Impressions (Kombo.com - Wii)

    "I can understand if you're a bit skeptical about a version of Skate coming to Wii and DS. I played the heck out of Skate on Xbox 360 last year. The Flickit controls were a fantastic alternative to traditional button presses."
  • Hands On Impressions (Kotaku - Wii)

    "To play the Wii version, you hold the remote flat, facing it toward the screen and then move it around as if it is the board you are standing on. The A button makes your skater push with his foot, and the B makes him hold the board. The rest is done with motion."
  • Hands On Preview (Shacknews - Wii, DS)

    "More impressive tricks are pulled off through a full set of gestures. A simple jump is achieved by quickly lifting the remote up in the air. A 360 ollie-fakie whatever is pulled off by twirling the remote in circles."

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