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Gametap has posted a interview with Josh Looman, Lead Designer of NFL Head Coach 09.

Gametap: "For people who tried the original Head Coach but didn't really get into the game, why should they give the series another try?"

Josh Looman: "We went back to the drawing board and scrapped everything that was in the first game. We rebuilt all of the logic, rebuilt the interface, and tried to make everything easier not only to navigate, but easier to understand. This year's game is a lot deeper, and while people might have thought that the first Head Coach was deep, it was pretty hard to actually get to that next level of depth."

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# 1 jaguar8311 @ 05/18/08 01:29 PM
Only 15 seasons? That blows
# 2 CMH @ 05/19/08 10:13 AM
Yea, the 15 seasons is a bit weak but I also wonder if I'll even get close. I know I'll be managing every minute task so 15 seasons could actually take a long time to get to.
# 3 Ninjoid @ 05/19/08 12:12 PM
Got to admit being from the UK and having played (and been a beta tester) for the Championship Manager (Football series) it will take some doing to get to 15 seasons particluarly with a game of this depth. Each to their own though as it all depends upon how you play and whether you want to manage each minute task.

From my point of view if there is a HC 2010 I don't think I'll have reached 15 seasons.

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