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During his time at Microsoft Peter Moore had to consistently deal with the Xbox and Xbox 360 being seen as "core" gamer/first person shooter consoles. Eurogamer had a chance to talk with Peter Moore at the EA Vancouver press event during the week of May 6 (interview was just posted today) about comparable branding problems that EA Sports has to deal with moving forward.

"...We run a very large, hardcore business that is a little bit out of position for Nintendo Wii consumers coming in. You don't want to lose that core consumer, but you've got to go after and captivate the masses and find a way to bring them in.

We used the analogy of a swimming pool, which people have mocked us for. But it's a good analogy. EA Sports was the deep end, right? You either jumped in, you sank or you swam, or you were intimidated and didn't go near the water. We needed to provide a shallow end. So things like All Play for the Wii, the Freestyle brand, provide that shallow end that you can get in and hopefully move down the pool, which we want you to do. But unless we do that, we're really out of position."

Peter Moore later went on to discuss how EA Sports, as just a software company, can differ from Microsoft in terms of how they attack the entire market. In this regard, he thinks "approachability" on a different scale is the way to capture more users.

"I saw a number of stories today: 'EA Sports is dumbing down the experience'. I must have said three times yesterday, we're not dumbing down the experience. As you've seen in the games, there are ways to help you along…The key is, it [Tiger Woods in this case] recognises how good you are pretty quickly."

In the interview Peter Moore also answers questions about a host of other topics, including the state of PC sports games, the possibility of a two-year development cycle, and his desire to have an EA Sports MLB game again.

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# 1 DubTrey1 @ 05/19/08 07:58 PM
The most interesting part for me is his comments regarding a 2 yr dev cycle. This to me would be the way to go in order to allow the games to undergo the massive changes from one iteration to the next. If Rockstar has shown us anything, time makes the difference in the process in ordert to acheive a solid perception of quality.
# 2 ChaseB @ 05/19/08 08:20 PM
Yea he discusses it as a possibility, but he doesn't seem to believe in it very much. He uses Live as the example, but it's hard to know how he actually would have reacted since he wasn't there when it was in the reallllyyyyy bad years, and now I'd say they don't have any major title that is so beyond bad that it needs to be put on a 2-year cycle, at least not right now....Basically he seems like only if the game was a disaster would it even come up.
# 3 mastershake88 @ 05/19/08 08:30 PM
i said mark my words the uniform errors sent to EA would spread the word and get it out there... glad it all finally got out there.

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